Top electric toothbrush review 2018Are you thinking of replacing your manual toothbrush with electric? Or perhaps you already have one and are searching for the best electric toothbrush 2018 has on offer?

Choosing an electric toothbrush could be a tiresome process due to many reasons. Firstly, we are particularly picky when it comes to choosing personal care items.

Secondly, there are simply too many choices on the market to choose from.

To help you with your toothbrush selection journey, we have reviewed some of the best electric toothbrush 2018 has to offer.

We also understand that the needs of each one are different, so we have carefully assessed each group to ensure that whatever your preference, need or budget is – we are sure to have a great pick for you. 

Best Electric Toothbrush 2018 – Quick Comparison

If you are short on time, we have prepared the quick comparison table below for you which highlights important product selection criteria that will help you choosing the best electric toothbrush for yourself and your family. If you do have some spare time we have prepared a full toothbrush review based on the product overview, user feedback, and electric toothbrush consumer reports. We are sure that it will help you navigate the crowded world of electric toothbrushes, save you time and help you make a great and educated choice.

Battery LifeRating 
Philips Sonicare

(Editor's Choice)
Sonic53 weeks9
Foreo IssaSonic86 months7
Philips Sonicare 2 SeriesSonic12 weeks8
Philips Sonicare for Kids
(Editor's Choice)
Sonic23 weeks8.5
Oral-B Pro 1000
(Editor's Choice)
+ Pulsating
11 week8.5
Oral-B Pro
8000 Genius
+ Pulsating
22 weeks8.5
Oral-B Vitality
Floss Action
Oscillating11 week7.5
Complete Care
Sonic23 weeks8

1. Best Electric Toothbrush Overall – Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

Sonicare DiamondClean is a stylish toothbrush that looks and feels premium.

It comes with a case and USB charging which is very handy, especially if travel a lot.

The color selection is between black and white, so you can pick your favorite. We found that black color comes with some extra chic, yet white looks amazing too.

Whilst many toothbrushes are doing around 7,500 rotation or pulsations per minute, the Sonicare DiamondClean can do up to 30,000. Philips claims this produces better cleaning results in a shorter time frame and we definitely agree.

If you are after the Ultimate Best Electric Toothbrush of 2018 - Philips Sonicare DiamondClean is the one. This is the ultimate electric toothbrush without the unnecessary bells and whistles.

The toothbrush comes with five brushing modes to cater for multiple needs:

  • Clean – a general purpose brushing mode
  • Gum Health – adds an additional minute of low-powered gum brushing
  • Sensitive –provides an additional care for your sensitive teeth and gums
  • Deep Clean – a three-minute power wash
  • White – fights the morning coffee and tea stains to keep your teeth whiter

To support the dentist recommendations of effective tooth brushing, the Sonicare DiamondClean features a SmartTimer and Quadpacer which time your brushing to 2 minutes with 30-second intervals to spend on each one of the quadrants (i.e. upper-left, lower-left, upper-right and lower-right).

The battery life of Sonicare DiamondClean is as good as it gets with electric toothbrushes. It gives you up to 3 weeks of use on a single charge which is the best result except for the Foreo Issa. To charge the toothbrush you can either charge it wirelessly by placing it on the charging base or use a USB connection that comes integrated into the travel case. If you do choose to use the charging base you can either choose a toothbrush holder or a glass to go on to the charging base, both of which come in the box. We definitely prefer the glass as all it takes to charge your toothbrush is to have it sit in the glass. Additionally, you can charge multiple toothbrushes at the same time.

The travel case is the best a toothbrush has ever seen, no joke. It is stylish, functional, shockproof, charges your toothbrush and feels ultra solid as it is made of high-quality materials. The USB connection opens up a whole new level of charging options – you could even charge your toothbrush from your laptop! If you are someone who does travel a lot, then we are confident that you will get to appreciate this practical and beautiful case.

Bottom Line
It is true that Philips Sonicare DiamondClean comes with a premium price tag, but in our view, it is well justified. The quality of cleaning is amongst the best of the best. The design is great and the toothbrush is very portable with exceptional battery life.

Overall, Sonicare DiamondClean is amongst the best premium toothbrushes around with features that are actually practical. If you are in a position to spare some money for the premium toothbrush, the Sonicare DiamondClean is set to excite you for years to come.

  • Design 95%
  • Features 85%
  • Cleaning Efficiency 90%
  • Battery Life 90%
  • Value 80%
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside Premium feel, build quality and design
Toothbrush review, benefits, pros, advantages or upside Best travel case we have seen
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside Ultra comfortable to hold and use
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside Unique and innovative wireless glass charger
Electric Toothbrush review shortcomings, cons, disadvantages and flaws Expensive
Electric Toothbrush review shortcomings, cons, disadvantages and flaws Black color head refills are hard to find

2. Best Toothbrush For Sensitive Teeth – Foreo Issa

The Foreo Issa toothbrush is a relatively new player to the electric toothbrush market as the company has only been founded in 2013.

As many startup companies, Foreo adds a new, innovative twist by combining an ergonomic design, silicone and PBT polymer bristles and a sonic pulse technology.

The toothbrush features a beautiful, lightweight and ergonomic design, which feels very comfortable in hands.

It is also completely waterproof, which makes it usable in the shower or bath.

Foreo Issa is the most innovative toothbrush of 2018. It is a perfect fit for sensitive teeth, yet not so perfect for the rest of us.
The toothbrush is capable to produce up to 11,000 pulsations per minute, which is great, but it falls short to Philips Sonicare DiamondClean which can better that result three times. You get eight different speed settings you can play with to find the right one for you, yet no special modes to toggle between.

The most standout feature of the toothbrush is its 3D flexible brush head, which is made of an antibacterial, non-porous silicone. Not only the rubbery silicone nubs provide a better protection by not scratching your tooth enamel and damaging gums, it also lasts up to 3 times longer compared to the conventional brush heads using nylon. The antibacterial fabric harbors up to 10,000 times fewer bacteria compared to the competition which allows it to stay in use for the extended period of time.

Silicone bristles may seem like a great idea in theory, but in practice, it is not as straightforward. They are definitely doing a great job taking care of the sensitive teeth and gums, yet they fail to get between the teeth to remove plague that other toothbrushes with nylon bristles seem to do quite effortlessly.

Foreo claims that the battery can last up to 365 uses on a single charge which takes only 1 hour. This sounds somewhat hard to believe compared to the competition, yet our testing results have found this statement to be mostly accurate.

Bottom Line
Overall, the Foreo Issa toothbrush is a great looking, ergonomically designed and travel-friendly toothbrush. It comes with a premium price tag, but it can be easily justified with an amazing battery life and the extra tooth and gum protection it provides. The toothbrush is not for everyone and if you are after a general purpose care – there are better options on the market.
  • Design 90%
  • Features 70%
  • Cleaning Efficiency 60%
  • Battery Life 100%
  • Value 60%
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside Beautiful design
Toothbrush review, benefits, pros, advantages or upside Quick charge feature
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside Unbelievable battery life
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside Bristles need replacement only once a year
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside Great sensitive teeth
Electric Toothbrush review shortcomings, cons, disadvantages and flaws Not as effective in removing plaque as toothbrushes with nylon bristles
Electric Toothbrush review shortcomings, cons, disadvantages and flaws May feel too small for people with big hands
Electric Toothbrush review shortcomings, cons, disadvantages and flaws Expensive

3. Best Toothbrush For Braces – Philips Sonicare 2 Series

The research shows that electric toothbrushes are more efficient at removing plaque than conventional toothbrushes, yet with Sonicare 2 Series Philips has raised the bar even more.

Philips claims that the Sonicare 2 Series toothbrush removes up to 6 times more plaque compared to a conventional toothbrush.

The first impression is that the toothbrush looks pretty plain and quite boring.

It is however well balanced and has a rounded ergonomic shape that makes the toothbrush sit well in hands providing an easy and comfortable grip.

The Sonicare 2 series shares the same cleaning technology as the premium models. This puts this model amongst the Top Electric Toothbrushes of the year
The Sonicare 2 Series is a successor of the Sonicare Essence and is a better toothbrush in every way. The main difference with the newer model is that the brush heads can now be snapped on and off now compared to the earlier model which used the screw on brush heads. The newer heads are compatible with other Sonicare models and are waterproof which helps your toothbrush last longer.

Like other toothbrushes in the Sonicare range, the Sonicare 2 Series moves at 31,000 strokes per minute. This is insanely fast, especially for an entry-level toothbrush.

The toothbrush comes with an EasyStart feature which people transitioning from manual toothbrushes will find very useful. Some people starting out with electric toothbrushes may find the sonic vibration unnatural and weird, so Sonicare 2 Series has a mode where it gradually builds up the stoke speed over the course of 14 uses which helps to make the transition from a manual toothbrush smoother.

To help you manage the brushing process better, the toothbrush comes with a two-minute timer that notifies you once the recommended brushing time has lapsed. Moreover, just like the higher end models, the Sonicare 2 Series comes with QuadPacer which makes small pauses between pulsations and beeps every 30 seconds to help you focus on each of the tooth areas one at a time.

The Sonicare 2 Series is priced as an entry level toothbrush, yet it includes some of the features and technology found in more expensive, premium models. It won’t win any design awards, but it will deliver an incredible amount of value for a very reasonable price. For our test, the toothbrush came with an additional head free of charge, which made it even a better value for the money, yet this bonus could be promotional and perhaps should not be expected to be included by default.

Bottom Line
Being one of the bestselling electric toothbrushes in America, Philips Sonicare 2 Series is a perfect toothbrush for anyone transitioning from a manual to an electric toothbrush, especially if you need to give your plague levels some additional care. In fact, it is one of the best value, general purpose toothbrushes we have ever tested. Note, however, that it is not a perfect fit for people with sensitive gums or teeth as the toothbrush has only one brushing mode which is rather intense.
  • Design 80%
  • Features 80%
  • Cleaning Efficiency 90%
  • Battery Life 80%
  • Value 90%
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside Good value, well priced
Toothbrush review, benefits, pros, advantages or upside Very reliable
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside Great plague removal ability
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside Ideal for people transitioning from manual to electric toothbrushes
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside Power build up mode that increases pulsation intensity over 14 uses
Electric Toothbrush review shortcomings, cons, disadvantages and flaws Low battery indicator only comes on too late, when the battery is practically flat

4. Best Affordable Electric Toothbrush – Oral-B Pro 1000

The Oral-B Pro 1000 is the most basic electric toothbrush in the Oral-B professional line up and it is the next model up from Vitality.

The build quality is good as the toothbrush feels solid and sturdy.

The materials used for a handle are of a slightly better quality compared to the ones used in Vitality, yet not as good as the materials used for the premium range.

Given that the toothbrush is positioned as a low-mid level toothbrush, we were quite surprised with how many features come with it.

In fact, it hosts most of the practical features, such as a good battery life (i.e. seven days instead of five for Vitality), better ergonomics and a pressure sensor to prevent the teeth and gum damage.

The Oral-B 1000 is the best entry level toothbrush for professional range of oral-b toothbrushes. It represents incredible value and cleaning power.

The Oral-B Pro 1000 is the most basic Oral-B toothbrush with 3D technology. It is not a Bluetooth toothbrush, but the cleaning performance is comparable to a premium range.The key difference with the lower end model is that the Oral-B Pro 1000 features a 3D cleaning system. In short, the brush head not only rotates at 8,800 oscillations per minute but also makes 20,000 pulsations which quite noticeably improves the cleaning efficiency.

The toothbrush comes with a 2-minute timer and a QuadPacer which helps you time each mouth quadrant to 30 seconds as recommended by the dentists.

The Oral-B Pro 1000 is a great general purpose toothbrush but it is limited by only having a single brushing mode (i.e. Daily Clean), which is great for everyday cleaning but would not be ideal for someone having sensitive gums or teeth.

In addition, multiple users have reported an excessive charge time of around 20 hours required in order to fully charge the battery. This is partly due to the NiMH battery being used, compared to Lithium-ion batteries found on the more expensive models.

Bottom Line
Overall, the Oral-B Pro 1000 has all the features you need for a great tooth brushing experience. It comes with a precision 3D cleaning technology which combines pulsation and oscillation action as well as the pressure sensor, both of which we found to be extremely useful. The more expensive Oral-B toothbrushes come with more brushing modes, and would only marginally improve the overall cleaning performance, if at all.

If you are after a toothbrush that gives you an extremely big bang for your buck at the same time maintaining an exceptional cleaning performance comparable with the best toothbrushes on the market – Oral-B Pro 1000 is as good as it gets.

  • Design 80%
  • Features 80%
  • Cleaning Efficiency 90%
  • Battery Life 70%
  • Value 90%
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside Solid build quality
Toothbrush review, benefits, pros, advantages or upside Amazing cleaning performance
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside Competitively priced and featured
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside Pressure sensor
Electric Toothbrush review shortcomings, cons, disadvantages and flaws Average battery life
Electric Toothbrush review shortcomings, cons, disadvantages and flaws Only one brushing mode
Electric Toothbrush review shortcomings, cons, disadvantages and flaws Not ideal for people with sensitive gums and teeth

5. Best Electric Toothbrush For Kids – Philips Sonicare For Kids

The Sonicare for Kids toothbrush is more than just an electric toothbrush, it is a new tooth brushing experience!

The toothbrush has been intentionally designed to educate and make kids love brushing their teeth.

To guide this experience the toothbrush is using a Bluetooth connection with a SonicareKids App which is compatible with most iPhones and Android phones.

The application keeps track of the brushing times and teaches kids about the importance of oral hygiene.

And you would not believe it – it works like a charm!

The best electric toothbrush for kids, period. It is interactive, unique and brushing performance is phenomenal.

It also challenges kids to brush their teeth better and longer by offering a set of interactive coaching sessions which keep the kids engaged in the toothbrushing process. The coaching sessions are accompanied by clear illustrations, are highly interactive and reward kids for the job well done. The overall experience using the application is more than positive as it takes the kid’s encouragement and education to a whole new level which makes the twice-a-day toothbrushing almost effortless for parents.

It is important to note that 98% of the surveyed parents have agreed that the application helps their kids to have a better and longer brushing sessions by developing healthy oral habits early in their lives.

Eight different stickers come in a box of Philips Sonicare for Kids. It keeps them engaged, the best electric toothbrush for 5 year old.

Philips Sonicare for Kids comes with 8 different stickers for the front part of the toothbrush. This may be a small bonus for adults, but in practice – a great benefit for kids. Some parents have reported that the ability to change the stickers on a daily basis was already enough to get their kids to brush their teeth.

The toothbrush is designed for kids from 4 to 10 years old and comes with two rubberized brush heads to protect gums and teeth. One compact and one regular size brush heads that come in the box ensure a perfect fit for younger or older kids. It also has a great rubber grip, so it never slips out of those little hands, even when they are wet.

To further help smooth the tooth brushing process, the Sonicare for Kids comes with an EasyStart feature which starts the brushing experience with lower frequency pulsations and ramps them up to 31,000 pulsations per minute over the 14 days of use.

The Sonicare for Kids has two modes, Gentle and Extra Gentle. The former is being designed as a normal brushing mode for older and more independent kids, whereas the latter represents a shorter brushing cycle (i.e. 1 min) and a reduced power intensity designed for toothbrush training.

To ensure that the kids do not use the toothbrush for too long and damage their teeth, it comes with a two-minute timer which switches the toothbrush off automatically. This feature also helps to prologue the battery life, which can last up to 3 weeks on a single charge thanks to the integrated Lithium-Ion battery.

Bottom Line

The Sonicare for Kids is the best kids toothbrush there is on the market by a long shot. It is not cheap, but it is probably your best chance to have your kids adopt a healthy oral routine early. It makes the tooth brushing process at home easier, more fun and keeps the kids engaged.

The research has shown that there are more and more kids with tooth decay today than ever and if this toothbrush gives you a better chance of maintaining a good oral health of your kids – it could be a relatively small investment compared to the dental work that you would need to do later.

  • Design 90%
  • Features 90%
  • Cleaning Efficiency 90%
  • Battery Life 90%
  • Value 70%
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside The best electric toothbrush for kids on the market
Toothbrush review, benefits, pros, advantages or upside Good battery life
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside Interactive brushing experience that keeps the kids engaged
Electric Toothbrush review shortcomings, cons, disadvantages and flaws Not cheap
Electric Toothbrush review shortcomings, cons, disadvantages and flaws No fading indicators on the bristles

6. Best Advanced Toothbrush – Oral-B Pro 8000 Genius

Oral-B Pro 8000 is a flagship toothbrush that uses Bluetooth technology to track and enhance your brushing experience using a mobile app.

In addition, it features intelligent sensors to ensure that all of your teeth have had sufficient attention and no parts have been left behind.

There are six brushing modes which is probably as many as you will ever see in an electric toothbrush.

Each mode is tailored for a specific purpose which makes the experience slightly more efficient compared to using a default brushing mode. Here are the modes:

The best oral b electric toothbrush and probably the best premium electric toothbrush on the market today. It has all the features you can think of.
  • Daily Clean is the generic cleaning mode available in all Oral-B toothbrushes
  • Gum Care is designed to provide a massaging activity or the gums.
  • Sensitive mode reduces the rotation speed and smoothes the contact with the brushing surface
  • Whitening mode alternates between various brushing speeds to gently polish the teeth and remove the surface stains
  • Pro Clean provides a more intense brushing action by increasing the intensity of bristle movements
  • Tongue Cleaning is designed to encourage you to ride your tongue of excess bacteria at the end of your brushing routine

The SmartRing feature helps the user to stay notified when excessive physical force is being applied which is also tracked with the oral b app.You will also notice a built-in all-around LED light which is called a 360 SmartRing. It is connected to the two-minute timer and the pressure sensor to visually notify the user when the potential tooth or gum damage is detected due to the excessive physical force being applied.

You can choose between the 12 colors for a little bit of personalization using the mobile app.

The toothbrush comes with a smart case which supports a pass-through charging for an additional device. In other words, you can charge the toothbrush and your mobile phone from a single wall power socket.

There is no question that the toothbrush looks sleek and bursts with features, but the real highlight is the app which is available for iPhone and Android users.

It is in the app where all of the innovation, sensor reading, and processing comes together to create a truly remarkable and unique experience. Notice that I did not say ‘practical’.

Using the app, you can add your dentist’s recommendations to tailor the brushing experience for your particular The toothbrush comes with a smart toothbrush app that tracks your brushing patterns.needs. For example, you may need to brush certain areas or your teeth more than the other areas.

While brushing, Oral-B Pro 8000 sends the usage patterns to the app which tracks your movements and analyzes the data in real time.

The position detection system comes with a smartphone holder that you would ideally place on your bathroom mirror such that the phone’s camera can focus on your face. The video from the mobile phone’s camera and the data from the toothbrush sensors is processed to create a graphical representation of your mouth and the areas that have been brushed versus the areas that are still outstanding.

Bottom Line

We have tried, but found that it is really hard to flaw Oral-B Pro 8000. It is a real flagship which is truly innovative and jam-packed with features. It would shine the best for people who require a personalized brushing approach as then most of the innovative features will actually find a practical use.

The Oral-B Pro 8000 could really be a gem for some of us, just make sure that the features that it comes with are practical for you, else, you could opt for cheaper toothbrushes in our review which produce comparable cleaning results.

  • Design 90%
  • Features 100%
  • Cleaning Efficiency 90%
  • Battery Life 80%
  • Value 70%
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside One of the most technologically advanced toothbrushes on the market
Toothbrush reviews, benefits, pros, advantages or upside Long battery life
Toothbrush reviews benefits, pros, advantages or upside Removes up to 500% more plaques than the manual toothbrush
Toothbrush reviews benefits, pros, advantages or upside Customizable brushing program
Toothbrush reviews benefits, pros, advantages or upside Travel case that can charge your phone
Electric Toothbrush review shortcomings, cons, disadvantages and flaws Expensive

7. Best Cheap Electric Toothbrush – Oral-B Vitality Floss Action

Electric toothbrushes can wear very different price tags and the Oral-B Vitality Floss Action sits right at the bottom of the range.

It represents the most basic set of features, yet comes with the most important one – the famous Oral-B oscillation cleaning action powered by 7600 rotation per minute.

The toothbrush also comes with two Floss Action brush heads in the box – hence the name.

The brush head features MicroPulse bristles designed for a deeper clean.

The best cheap electric toothbrush available today. The perfect way to transition from manual to electric toothbrushes.

You may also come across differently branded Vitality toothbrushes such as Oral-B Vitality plus Crossaction and others, but ultimately, it is the same toothbrush and the only difference is the head it comes with.

The Vitality’s handle is partially made of a rubberized material which grips well and feels comfortable in the hand. It also makes the toothbrush completely waterproof, so you can use it in the shower.

Although the toothbrush features the oscillation mechanism, it is the most basic implementation of it which is termed – 2D. The difference between Vitality and other more expensive models is the 3D technology, which in addition to oscillating also pulsates. It provides a superior cleaning power, but also comes at a higher price.

As far as the toothbrush features go, it is a basic as it gets. The Vitality features a single cleaning mode and a two-minute timer. It does not have a pressure sensor, quadrant timer, battery indicator or LED display but that is expected.

Overall, the Vitality makes electric brushes ultra affordable. If you have been sitting on the fence in terms of switching to electric toothbrushes – this is your best way to get you and your family make the switch. My electric toothbrushing experience started exactly with Vitality and have never looked back at the conventional toothbrushes again. In other words – transitioning from a manual toothbrush to Vitality would be the best bang for your buck you will ever get in oral care.

Bottom Line
The Vitality Floss Action is the best cheap electric toothbrush you can buy. You will not find another toothbrush at this price point with a comparable tooth brushing performance. If you want to learn what electric toothbrushes are all about – this is you safe way to try.
  • Design 70%
  • Features 60%
  • Cleaning Efficiency 80%
  • Battery Life 70%
  • Value 90%
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside Unbeatable value
Toothbrush reviews benefits, pros, advantages or upside Great cleaning action for a budget toothbrush
Toothbrush reviews benefits, pros, advantages or upside Compatible with all Oral-B brush heads
Electric Toothbrush review shortcomings, cons, disadvantages and flaws Battery life
Electric Toothbrush review shortcomings, cons, disadvantages and flaws No battery indicator
Electric Toothbrush review shortcomings, cons, disadvantages and flaws A little bit noisy when in use

8. Best Electric Toothbrush and Flosser – Waterpik Complete Care

When buying the Waterpik Complete Care you have two color options – a white unit with a blue color reservoir or a black unit with a clear reservoir.

Although we found that the black looks nicer, we actually prefer white. It proved to be more practical due to it being a lot more stain resistant.

Waterpik Complete Care was designed to be reasonably compact so that it could be placed on a bathroom counter.

The unit does not look premium, yet should fit nicely the design of any bathroom.

The water reservoir is big enough to hold 23 ounces of water, which can last for 90 seconds of non-stop flossing.

Need the best cordless water flosser 2018 got for you? The Waterpik Complete Care is as good as it gets and represents and striking value.
The dentists recommend to floss your teeth for 60 seconds in general, so you should be well covered.

The water tank is removable for easy cleaning and filling. Part of the tank space is reserved for brush heads and flosser tips storage, which we found to be quite practical and convenient.

In the center of the unit, you will find the controls to turn the unit on/off and to adjust the water pressure between 10 and 100 psi which is a remarkable power for the unit of that size.

The unit comes with four different flosser tips, which is more than any other water flosser on the market:

  • Classic Jet – a standard flosser tip, there are three of them that come in the box.
  • Plaque Seeker – a tip with bristles, which add some extra scrubbing power (if needed)
  • Orthodontic – a tip designed to shoot water through braces
  • Pik Pocket – a tip designed to wash out periodontal pockets

The unit can get a little bit loud when used, but there is nothing to worry about as this is quite typical for all types of water flossers.

As for the toothbrush, it features a non-removable battery which is a real shame when you need to replace a faulty or a tired battery. There are people that have managed to successfully replace the battery by doing it themselves, yet if you are not comfortable with the idea, replacing the complete toothbrush is the only way to go.

The toothbrush comes with two brush heads, standard and compact. The standard brush head is designed to provide optimal general cleaning for the entire mouth whereas the compact brush head is designed to clean particular areas of your teeth with enhanced precision. The toothbrush only has a single mode of operation and two-speed settings where you can vary between optimum plaque removal and gentle cleaning.

At the bottom of the toothbrush, you will find a nice battery level indicator gauge that will help you understand when it is the good time to charge the toothbrush. You may think that you could leave the toothbrush in the base unit and let it charge on a permanent basis, but it is not a good idea. The problem is that the battery is an Achilles heel of this product and overcharging the battery will quickly destroy it and render the brush useless.

The brushing performance is great, but the brush is short on features. It comes with a two-minute brushing timer and a thirty-second interval QuadPacer to ensure each area is given consistent cleaning attention. This is mostly it.

Bottom Line
If you are looking for a complete care unit that combines brushing and flossing, you can’t go wrong with Waterpik Complete Care. The flossing action works great at cleaning plague and taking care of your gums in a fairly gentle way, which makes the Waterpik Complete Care the best electric toothbrush for receding gums in our review.
  • Design 70%
  • Features 70%
  • Cleaning Efficiency 90%
  • Battery Life 90%
  • Value 90%
Toothbrush review benefits, pros, advantages or upside One of the best electric toothbrush and flosser packages out there
Toothbrush reviews benefits, pros, advantages or upside Compact and easy to use
Toothbrush reviews benefits, pros, advantages or upside Great for anyone with braces, implants, crowns, bridges, and veneers
Toothbrush reviews benefits, pros, advantages or upside Proven to have better results than a toothbrush on its own
Electric Toothbrush review shortcomings, cons, disadvantages and flaws Battery life diminishes over time
Electric Toothbrush review shortcomings, cons, disadvantages and flaws Could be messy when used
Electric Toothbrush review shortcomings, cons, disadvantages and flaws Not very travel-friendly, no separate charger for the toothbrush
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Why Electric Toothbrush?

The research has shown that the importance of our dental health has a direct impact on our overall health as well as life expectancy. One research has focused on the Alzheimer’s disease which found that having a gum disease can accelerate the rate of mental decline by 6 times. In fact, there are multiple studies conducted in other fields that prove that dental health is more important that we ever thought.

The question about electric versus manual toothbrushes is the one we hear the most. It is quite typical that people want to know and justify the additional expense of buying an electric toothbrush. We believe the answer is pretty straightforward and the benefits of electric toothbrushes are substantial and that investment will pay back enormous dividends in the long run.

According to Dr. Edwards-Lunn, co-founder of Dr. Heff’s Remarkable Mints, using an electric toothbrush drastically reduces the chance of gum disease. Some of the reasons to support this claim are:

  • Ease of use, so people tend to use them longer than manual toothbrushes
  • Better reach, the manual toothbrushes can’t simply match
  • Superior cleaning performance as electric toothbrushes pulsate or rotate at rates not possible for a manual toothbrush
  • Brushing assistance with built-in timer and pressure sensor

Overall, electric toothbrushes are no silver bullets, but when coupled with a good brushing technique – it gives you a long-term protection and saves you money and time for dentist trips.

To make your product selection easier, we have shortlisted the best electric toothbrush 2018 has to offer, whatever your need is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Electric Toothbrush Better Than Manual?
Not necessarily, as if you follow the guidelines and recommended brushing time – the manual toothbrush could be just as capable as an electric one. The problem is that people tend to spend a lot less time brushing their teeth than it is required. This is where the electric toothbrush helps to fill the gap. It manages to create more strokes in a shorter amount of time than the manual toothbrush.
When To Replace The Brush Head?
Given that you brush your teeth twice daily, the brush head should be replaced every 3 months.
Can I Use An Electric Toothbrush To Clean Braces?
Yes, you can. Yet be prepared to spend the same amount of time cleaning your braces as you would clean them with the manual toothbrush.
How Long Does The Electric Toothbrush Last?
Generally speaking, electric toothbrushes are designed to last from 3 to 5 years. At the same time, we have seen toothbrushes last for up to 10 years.
When Can Kids Start Using An Electric Toothbrush?
It is a good practice to have the kids fully learn the manual brushing process before introducing electric toothbrushes. From 4 to 6 years is a good age range for your kids to get into electric toothbrushes.
Which Is Better - oscillating or pulsating toothbrush?
Both technologies have their benefits and drawbacks. There are no areas where one technology hugely outperforms the other. Therefore, it is recommended to make the decision based on your personal choice. See which technology feels better and which one you personally have a preference for.