After meticulous research and comparing dozens of shower speakers, we found Fugoo Sport to be the best shower speaker for most users.

We have spent 15 hours researching, testing, reviewing, and collecting customer feedback to bring you this unbiased shower speaker review and help you make the right decision.

To come up with the top 10 shower speakers we assessed them based on their price, waterproof or water resistance rating, battery life, connections, and audio quality.

We have reviewed the top 10 of the best bluetooth shower speakers out there

Some have superior Bluetooth connectivity, some have better sound, others are more rugged or deliver a better overall value. Keep reading to find the shower speaker that works for you.

Best Shower Speakers – Our Top 10 Picks

Image Battery Life / Weight / Power / WaterproofTop 10 Best Shower Speakers

Best Overall - Fugoo Sport (Editor’s Choice)

Best Overall - Fugoo Sport (Editor’s Choice)

Longest battery life in portable shower speakers. Interchangeable jackets for different looks and toughness. Balanced sound and IP67 rating make it one of the best shower speakers on the market.

Type40 h 1.2 lbs 20 W IP67

Best Budget - AYL Soundfit

Best Budget - AYL Soundfit

Compact, lightweight, portable and extremely affordable. The included strap is helpful for added mounting options.

12 h 0.59 lbs 5 W IPX5

Best General Purpose - Treblab HD77

Best General Purpose - Treblab HD77

One of the loudest shower speakers in our review. Relatively compact, but carries big active drivers, a big battery, and a big sound in its rugged body that can be used practically anywhere.

20 h 1.23 lbs 25 W IPX6

Best Compact Sound - UE Roll 2

Compact Size & Premium Sound - UE Roll 2

Compact, but capable and bass-rich sound for its size. One of the most user friendly apps on the market to control audio settings and pairing. Highest IP rating you can get in shower speakers.

9 h 1.05 lbs 9 W IPX7

Best Cheap - SoundBot SB510 HD

Cheapest - SoundBot SB510 HD

An extremely affordable speaker specifically developed for showers and baths. The suction cup and easy to use controls make speaker placement very flexible.

6 h 0.35 lbs 3 W None

Loudest - UE WonderBOOM 3

Loudest & Best Bass - UE WonderBOOM 3

The loudest and the most bass-heavy speaker in our review. It features a tough design with the highest waterproof and dust-proof rating in Bluetooth speakers and also floats in water.

13 h 0.93 lbs n/a IP67

Best With Suction Cup - VicTsing

Best With Suction Cup - VicTsing

A budget range Bluetooth shower speaker that is durable, portable and compact. Comes with a removable suction cup and a built in carabiner clip for more mounting options.

4-6 h 0.4 lbs 5 W IPX4

Best Value - OontZ Angle 3

Best Value - OontZ Angle 3

A plain and simple looking budget Bluetooth shower speaker that packs more punch than you'd expect. Rubber sides protect the speaker from drops.

15 h 0.58 lbs 10 W IPX5

Best Premium - Libratone ONE Click

Best Premium - Libratone ONE Click

If you want to feel special in your shower, Libratone ONE Click is the most premium waterproof speaker out there which comes with a respective premium price.

12 h 2 lbs 40 W IPX4

1. Best Shower Speaker Overall – Fugoo Sport

Fugoo Sport, in essence, is the same as Fugoo Style we have previously reviewed and given it an Editor’s Choice award.

The only difference between Sport and Style is the ‘jacket’ they are wearing, hence the difference in their names.

Fugoo Sport is simply brilliant - one of the best bluetooth shower speakers out there
Fugoo Sport wears a special rubber jacket designed to provide an extra level of protection from water, dust, and physical impact and is IP67-rated.

Fugoo Sport boasts a 40-hour rechargeable battery capacity, making it the longest-lasting Bluetooth shower speaker in our review by a fair margin.

The speaker delivers an all-around sound profile with the help of six built-in speakers. Two neodymium woofers, two tweeters, and two passive radiators create a vibrant and detailed sound unrivaled in our review.

The built-in voice-enabled speakerphone enables Google Assistant and Siri as your virtual assistant to power voice commands to take phone calls or even conference calls.

Bottom Line

Fugoo Sport is not only our pick for the best shower speaker, but also a perfect choice for general use. It is durable, waterproof and lets you listen to your favorite tunes for two days on a single charge. Add a premium audio delivery and you get a perfect companion for travel, camping, shower and every day use.

Highest Ingress Protection rating in speakers that can withstand splashes and more. Waterproof and dustproof
loud enough sound Top speakers for shower as best option for sound profile Exceptional audio quality
bathroom speaker with increased battery life Best battery life we have ever seen in portable wireless speakers
ip ratings are a must for bathroom speakers Incredible value for the money
great shower speaker with Apple and Google voice assistant and voice control Built-in voice assistant (Google assistant & Siri)
does not have bluetooth 5 0 Mediocre bass response

2. Best Budget Shower Speaker – AYL Soundfit 

AYL Soundfit is one of the smallest waterproof shower speakers in our review making it ultra-portable.

Despite its size, it packs 5 watts of acoustic power in a fairly compact and rugged body.

The sound delivered, given the physical dimensions is very decent.

AYL is one of the best cheap Bluetooth shower speakers available - a solid option

The speaker comes with a heavy-duty rubber strap that can be used for carrying, attaching to a carbine, or hanging on a shower head. In addition, the bottom of the speaker comes with a threaded hole for various mounts and fitment options.

The battery provides around 12 hours of favorite music playback and takes 3 hours to recharge, which is an excellent result for such a cheap Bluetooth shower speaker.

Bottom Line

AYL Soundfit is a great little waterproof speaker that is full of surprises. It is light, tough and has an IPX5 rating which makes it ideal for shower and outdoor use. The included strap makes it versatile to hang or mount almost anywhere and the affordable price makes it the best cheap shower speakers around.

Bluetooth bath speaker benefits Decent sound reproduction
great option if built to last is important Tough body
Can hang it on your shower caddy Hanging loop
easy transport waterproof bluetooth shower speaker buyer's guide 3.5 mm connector support
Some distortion at max volumes Sound distortion if pushed to the limit

3. Best For Mixed Use – Treblab H77

Only recently, Treblab has released their second all-around speaker with Bluetooth capabilities – HD77.

The company is known for outstanding customer service and hence gets a disproportionate amount of positive and glowing reviews.

The cool ambient LED’s rings on the ends are also functional: blue represents a power-on mode, red for charging, and green for the battery being full.

The body has four integrated speakers, two dual bass radiators, a tweeter, and a midrange, which results in 25 watts of pure acoustic power and makes Treblab HD77 one of the loudest speakers in our review.

TREBLAB HD55 one of the top shower speaker options for general use

The speaker has a built-in microphone, so you can easily use it to make cellular calls, and the voice quality is great making it a good fit for both music and podcasts.

The rechargeable battery provides the speaker with up to 20 hours of tunes and takes around 4 hours to recharge.

HD77 isn’t afraid of moisture or a tough environment. It has a shockproof and waterproof body that is IPX6-rated.

Bottom Line

Treblab HD77 is a great lightweight speaker that delivers loud, clear, rich and distortion-less sound even at high volume. It is nicely balanced and truly gives a full, 360-degree room-filling effect. The splash resistant rugged body and long battery life makes it perfect for shower, pool and outdoor outdoor adventures.

Shower speaker review highlighting benefits, pros, advantages or upside Loud and balanced 360-degree sound
easy and comfortable use in the shower Light, portable and versatile
Shower speaker reviews, pros and cons 20 hours of playtime
Allows you to do plenty of singing in the shower Integrated speakerphone
Mediocre bass response on the low end not a great choice for bass lovers Not for bass lovers

4. highest Waterproof Rating – UE Roll 2

Ultimate Ears is one of the top speaker brands specializing in portable Bluetooth audio on the market.

UE’s occurrence of coming up with stands out designs is slowly becoming their signature and UE Roll 2 is no different.

The speaker features a bungee cord at the back allowing you additional fitment options and an inflatable base that can be used in a pool.

Ultimate Ears is one of the best speaker brands for Bluetooth portable speakers.

The body is robust and is made of waterproof and shockproof grey color military-grade mesh and if you like unique designs – Ultimate Ears has prepared a whole array of color options for you.

Fully waterproof Bluetooth speaker Ultimate Ears Roll 3 is one of the best bluetooth shower speakers

UE Roll 2 is ahead of most speakers is the mobile app department, which lets you control the sound equalizer levels, pair up to 50 other speakers, and set the alarm.

The speaker manages to maintain clear mids, highs, and distortion-free bass throughout the volume range. The lows, however, seem to fade as you are maxing out the speaker to avoid distortion as it does not have built-in passive bass radiators.

Bottom Line

Ultimate Ears Roll 2 is surprisingly loud for its size and delivers a clear sound with a deep bass. The waterproof compact construction, bungee cord make it perfect for outdoor or bathroom use. In fact, one of the If you are on a limited budget, this might be one of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100 you can find.

Shower speaker review highlighting benefits, pros, advantages or upside Great design options
easy and comfortable use in the shower Very functional mobile app
great pick for shower speaker reviews with special features Good sound quality
ipx7 rating makes it great shower bluetooth speaker Great value
submerge up to one meter in water for 30 minutes IPX7 waterproof rating
Limited onboard controls to skip tracks and special features Limited playback controls

5. Best Cheap Shower Speaker – SoundBot SB510 HD

SoundBot SB510 HD is purposely built for bathroom use in mind.

It comes with a strong suction cup that firmly sucks up on the wall keeping the speaker in place.

The speaker is water-resistant and splash-proof, yet it does not come with an official IP certification.

The battery provides six hours of non-stop listening and takes around three hours to charge. It’s not spectacular, but is expected given its price point.

We did find the playback buttons at the front of the speaker to be handy and easy to use.

The SoundBot SB510 is more than affordable. It is the best cheap Bluetooth speaker on the market for shower use.

It allows you to pause and skip songs without having to leave your shower. Conversely, to the initial impression, there is a volume control which is hidden behind the long-press of the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons.

Additionally, SoundBot SB510 HD has an integrated speakerphone, yet we are not sure how practical it could be to answer calls in the shower. 

Bottom Line

SoundBot SB510 HD has been specifically designed for showers and given its price point – it is the best cheap shower speaker we could find. It features intuitive controls and delivers a very respectable sound quality. If you are looking for an affordable shower speaker, SB510 HD is not to be missed.

Overview of bluetooth speakers for your shower Extremely affordable
home shower speakers to check out Can be safely mounted on a shower wall
practical benefits connecting to Bluetooth radios Easy to use buttons
top waterproof speaker for your iphone Good customer support
not too many hours of battery life Battery life could be better
the most cost-effective shower speaker with onboard controls and flat surface Unintuitive volume controls

6. Best Shower Speaker for Bass and Volume – UE WonderBOOM 3

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 is a versatile portable waterproof speaker that was designed to compensate for smaller brother UE Roll 2’s bass lacking.

It also gives the speaker an IP67 rating for water resistance making it your floatable pool pal or a reliable shower buddy.

The top and bottom end feature a durable plastic that is designed to absorb the impact in case of a drop.

The feature array is pretty dull as there is no mobile app support, 3.5mm jack or a speakerphone.

The UE WonderBOOM 3 is a great all around speaker with deep bass sound profile and one of the best bluetooth shower speaker

At the same time, it comes with an improved 14-hour battery life and a 30-meter Bluetooth range.

Wonderboom 3’s sound quality is incredible for its price range. You can listen to the powerful bass and crisp vocals in any direction thanks to the 360° sound projection. It also has an Outdoor Boost function that delivers louder, more powerful audio that’s tuned for listening outside. Connect two speakers or more for the stereo pair experience.

Despite being compact, the Ultimate Wars Wonderboom 3 is the loudest speaker in our review, hence it takes our best Bluetooth shower speaker crown for sheer volume and a surprising amount of bass performance.

Bottom Line
UE WonderBoom 3 features an ultra-portable, waterproof and durable body that is versatile enough to be used indoors or outdoors making it not only one of the best portable shower speakers around, but it is also one of the top general-purpose speakers in the price range.
ultimate ears bathroom speaker reviews benefits and advantages. Drop-proof (tested from 5 ft / 1.5 m)
ue wonderboom 3 bluetooth speaker for shower with surround sound 360-degree sound
excellent sound quality Solid bass and clear vocals
Water resistance with one of the highest IP waterproof ratings ip67 and can float on water Floats in water
hours of battery life to play music Up to 13 hours of play
spiral bass port is not that impressive Some sound distortion at max volume
no built in speakerphone No speakerphone

7. Best With Suction Cap – VicTsing Shower

VicTsing Bluetooth speaker is one of the smallest waterproof Bluetooth speakers in our review, yet it manages to pack 5 watts of great sound.

The speaker body is made of durable plastic and silicone making it dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof giving it an IPX5 rating.

It comes with a removable suction cap that allows the speaker on the bathroom wall and a carabiner for a shower caddy or a tap.

Unlike SoundBot SB510, VicTsing has full playback controls, including volume, skipping, and pausing.

If you are looking for best cheap portable speakers, VicTsing Shower compact speaker is a great shower speaker

It also comes with two integrated microphones, which manage to capture the voice surprisingly well.

The speaker provides up to 6 hours of playing time when keeping volume levels below 70%. It will take 3 hours to recharge the battery, which is average.

VicTsing’s large driver gives it a relatively punchy sound that can get pretty loud. It comes out relatively balanced across the frequency range.

Bottom Line

VicTsing is durable, water resistant and ultra-portable which puts it amongst the top budget Bluetooth speakers you can get for your shower. If you are looking for a pick where you could save some money and get a whole lot of value in return, you may have just found it.

small and portable speaker for you to use in the shower and save shelf space Ultraportable
Can be attached to a shower wall or shower rack. Also easy to connect to source device Tripod mount support
Cheap shower speaker that works well and has great design Looks and feels tough
Bluetooth shower speaker comparison and review top picks Extremely affordable
things we did not like None

8. Best Value Shower Speaker – OontZ Angle 3

We have previously reviewed the Oonts Angle 3 in our portable Bluetooth speaker review and were surprised with how much value the speaker delivers for such a small asking price.

It won’t win any beauty contests, but the solid, rugged mesh and rubberized sides are sure to protect the speaker from dust, water, and physical damage.

The sound is delivered by two precision acoustic drivers and a passive subwoofer that adds an excellent punchy note to the overall balanced sound.

The OontZ Angle 3 is the best shower speaker under $50

Angle 3 delivers 10 watts of clear, loud, and side noise-free sound. Highs are clean, and midrange is detailed with decent vocal reproduction.

The passive radiator is positioned at the bottom of the speaker, so placing the speaker bottom down, delivers a more profound and pronounced bass.

The speaker has an integrated microphone allowing you to take phone calls hands-free.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an extremely affordable speaker that is simple, durable, waterproof and packs more sound power than the entry-level, smallest size speakers – Oontz Angle 3 delivers best bang for your buck value compared to other portable shower speakers in the price range.

Top shower speakers reviews and recommendations Impressive sound for the size
Waterproof shower speaker comparison Integrated speakerphone
bathroom bluetooth speaker for everyday use Stunning value
Battery lasts long Good battery life
speaker design is plain Boring design

9. Best Premium – Libratone ONE Click

We have previously reviewed one of the larger Libratone Bluetooth speakers, the Zipp, and were quite pleased with the aesthetics and the sound quality.

Libratone One Click sticks to the minimalistic yet classy design philosophy of the brand; however, technically, it is different compared to the Zipp.

The smart speaker comes with a hard rubber built-in hook and a soft rubber loop in the box, and you can pick one of five places on the speaker to attach it to.

The body uses a mesh fabric we have seen in other Libratone speakers, which is functional and visually appealing.

One Click is one of the best premium shower Bluetooth speakers you can buy

The fabric offers a good grip in the hand and prevents the water from getting in as it is IPX4 certified.

At the back of the speaker, you will find a touch-sensitive power button. Unfortunately, with both Zipp and One Click some finger gestures take multiple times to register.

The frequency response is mostly balanced. The lows are present, not too punchy, mids are slightly elevated and highs are not harsh, but lack a bit of clarity.

Bottom Line

Libratone One Click is the most expensive shower speaker in our review supported by great sound quality and amazing looks. If you are after a lifestyle speaker that can also be a feature in your bathroom or a shower, this is is one of the prettiest waterproof speakers around.

good speaker for shower use comparison review and recommendations Neat and simple design
Bluetooth shower speaker audio equipment is a great addition Customizable and modular design
best sound quality and shower speakers safe Wide and clear soundstage
Innovative touch technology final thoughts Smart capacitive volume controls
too expensive in shower speaker consumer reports Too expensive

10. Small Size, Big Sound – Anker SoundCore Sport

Anker SoundCore Sport represents Anker’s line of the smallest wireless Bluetooth speakers that are light and compact.

You may know Anker as it is a big name in efficient and affordable power banks, one of which we had the privilege of reviewing before.

Anker is known for striking a close-to-perfect balance between quality and value, and this portable Bluetooth speaker is no different.

Only about half a pound in weight and a tiny size, it is ultra-portable and can fit the smallest of handbags.

The Anker SoundCore Sport is a great shower speaker with good sound profile. Can submerge in 1 meter water for 30 minutes.
The speaker is certified with the IPX7 waterproof rating which is the Bluetooth speaker can get, especially in such a small size and at such an affordable price.

Anker SoundCore Sport has been built to float in the water, making it an appealing choice for pool parties.

The sound quality is where this little portable Bluetooth speaker truly shines and punches well above its weight. It is loud, clear and despite being small, delivers a very reasonable amount of bass.

Bottom Line

Anker SoundCore Sport is a great little performer and one of the best waterproof speakers in its size. It is small, light, has great sound and boasts the highest water protection rating in our review. It manages to find a perfect mix of size, features, good sound quality, with an extremely affordable price tag.

Buyers Guide – How To Choose The Best Shower Speaker?

How We Tested

Picking the top-rated Bluetooth shower speaker requires you to determine a set of features that are essential and the ones that are secondary or good enough. If you want a shower speaker that works for you – consider the key five factors we have listed below.

This is not to say that other factors such as charging time, long battery life, watts of power, connect features, true stereo sound, cable for USB charging, and other accessories are not important.

To ensure that we remain objective and unbiased, we have gone through 37 most popular shower speakers to come up with 10 of the best shower speakers you can buy today.

Waterproof Rating (IP rating)

Whether for a shower or bath, the waterproofing ability is the most important feature in choosing the top speaker to buy. All speakers in our review except SoundBot SB510 carry waterproof certifications that indicate their IP rating.

The IP rating scale starts with IPX0 and goes all the way to IPX9, however, IPX6 or IPX7 ratings are more than sufficient for shower speakers allowing up to thirty minutes of submersion. If dustproofing is also required, it is recommended to check out shower speakers with an IP67 dust resistance rating.

If waterproof capabilities are not a ‘must-have’ for you – consider our top-rated portable Bluetooth speaker review.

Ease of Setup and Use

A bath or a shower is a place where setting up, tuning, fixing, or controlling your electronic device could be troublesome. In other words, the practicality of using the product in a wet, damp, noisy, and often hot environment is one of the top criteria to consider.

Audio Quality

Despite showers being reasonably noisy environments, we want a great shower speaker to deliver good audio quality nevertheless. To listen to music, radio, or podcasts over the sound of running water, you may need to push the speaker slightly. Hence, it should be capable of high volumes without any side noise or distortion.

Battery Capacity

Most of the time, mounting your shower speaker and taking it down takes some time, hence we recommend a long-lasting battery as it saves you time and nuisance.

Speaker Placement

Deciding where to place your waterproof or water-resistant speakers might be challenging due to the water noise, limited space, and the physical form of the portable speaker. As a result, the best waterproof speakers should have additional mounting options such as suction caps and carabiners.

Shower Speakers – FAQ

What does different waterproof or IP ratings mean?

The IP stands for Ingress Protection marking and classifies the level of protection against intrusions such as water and dust.

What makes the wireless speaker waterproof?

Waterproofing is achieved mainly by using a special outside material that protects the speaker from water damage. The complexity and the reason why only some speakers are waterproof is that the fabric should not let the water through, but should not prevent or block soundwaves and distort the audio quality.

What if my phone does not have Bluetooth?

Your only other option to stay connected is AUX 3.5mm jack, so your compact speaker should have one.

What can I do if the battery runs out of power?
There are two things you can do:

  1. Recharge the Bluetooth speaker battery using the wall charger
  2. Use a portable battery pack to recharge your wireless Bluetooth speaker when on the go
What is a suitable wattage for a waterproof speaker?

The unit of sound power is the watt (W). If the intended portable speakers use is predominantly for showering, 10W of power should be more than enough. However, if you are also planning to use the speaker outdoors, 15W or more is recommended.

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant - what is the difference?

Water-resistance describes the fact that the item will not immediately soak up liquids. Some may also refer to it as water repellent or hydrophobic.

Being waterproof carries a stronger ability to withstand water penetration. It also does not mean that the item is entirely impervious to water despite having the word ‘proof’ in the name.

Waterproofing is governed by international standards and ranges from IPX-0 (having no water protection) to IPX-9 (can survive powerful water jets).

Can you put an indoor speaker outside?

Yes, of course. Speakers for showers can be used outside or inside.