After comparing ten of the best jobsite radios available on the market today, we found Sangean LB-100 to be the best portable job site radio and Bosch PB360C to be our pick for stationary jobsite radios.

We have spent 12 hours researching, testing, and collecting customer feedback from all over the internet to bring you this unbiased construction site radio review and help you pick the right one for the job.

We’ve considered all key factors that are important at a construction site – ease of use, audio quality, connection options, tool charging options, and of course toughness.

best jobsite radios review and buyers guide

All job site radios we’ve shortlisted are good in their own way, so you need to know what matters for you the most. Do you want a heavy-duty jobsite radio or something durable you can slip into your pocket? Do you prioritize sound quality, battery life, or durability? Keep reading to find the right job site radio for your circumstances.

Image Power / AUX Charge / Weight / BluetoothTop 10 Jobsite Radios

Best Cooperative – Bosch PB360C Power Box

Best Large and Loudest – Bosch PB360C Power Box

This juggernaut of jobsite radios is a high-performance, weather-resistant entertainment system that delivers 360° enriched stereo sound. The ultimate choice if you don’t mind the size.

Sound power26W Auxilary chargingYes Unit weight24 lbs BluetoothYes

Best Light Strategy – DeWALT DC025

Best General Use – DeWALT DC025

A tough charging system for DeWALT battery packs and an audio player with built-in radio all in one. It is mid-size and features an auxiliary port to connect your mobile phone or an MP3 player.

Sound power20W Auxilary chargingYes Unit weight15 lbs BluetoothYes

Best Zombie Trashing – Makita XRM09B

Most Water & Dust Resistant – Makita XRM09B

The latest release from Makita comes with 3.5″ side-firing speakers that deliver powerful sound in a compact size. With IP65 certification, it is the most dust and water resistant jobsite radio in our review.

Sound power35W Auxilary chargingNo Unit weight12 lbs BluetoothYes

Best Family Fun – DeWALT DWST17510

Best For TSTAK Modules – DeWALT DWST17510

A premium sound portable Bluetooth radio and charger that was designed to be stacked with other TSTAK compatible boxes in your system. It can charge your DeWALT batteries and USB devices.

Sound powerN/A Auxilary chargingYes Unit weight17.2 lbs BluetoothYes

Best For All Ages – Milwaukee M12

Best Portable Worksite Radio – Milwaukee 2590-20 M12

A very portable weatherproof and shockproof worksite radio with decent sound that can get surprisingly loud. AM/FM and Aux In only.

Sound powerN/A Auxilary chargingNo Unit weight5.1 lbs BluetoothNo

Best Horror – Sangean LB-100

Best Selling Jobsite Radio – Sangean LB-100

One of the best selling jobsite radios on the market. Rugged construction, water resistant design, best-in-class reception and large dials make it a perfect choice for most worksite conditions.

Sound power5W Auxilary chargingNo Unit weight6.8 lbs BluetoothNo

Best Quick 4 Player Game – Milwaukee M18

Best Storage Compartment – Milwaukee 2792-20 M18

With built-in charger for M18 lithium-ion batteries, premium sound, top class reception, reinforced roll cage and Bluetooth support – 2792-20 is the best Milwaukee jobsite radio in the line up.

Sound power40W Auxilary chargingYes Unit weight17.1 lbs BluetoothYes

Best Sci-Fi – Makita RM02

Best Small Jobsite Radio – Makita RM02

The lightest, most portable and most basic worksite radio in our review. It comes with stereo sound, headphone jack and 30 hours of battery life. The best small jobsite radio we could find.

Sound powerN/A Auxilary chargingNo Unit weight1.7 lbs BluetoothNo

Best Strategic Play – Sangean U4

Best Weather Alert Jobsite Radio – Sangean U4

The only rechargeable digital tuning radio with RBDS weather alerts in our list. It is packed with features, streaming options and delivers high quality sound that gets both punchy and clear.

Sound power12W Auxilary chargingYes Unit weight10.7 lbs BluetoothYes

Best Wargame – Ryobi P746 One+

Best 3-Year Warranty – Ryobi P746 One+

A medium size stereo worksite radio that runs on 18v Ryobi Lithium-Ion batteries or AC power. It features a built-in audio equalizer to tailor the sound to your preferences and can charge USB devices.

Sound power14W Auxilary chargingNo Unit weight6 lbs BluetoothYes

1. Best Loudest Jobsite Radio – Bosch PB360C Power Box

Bosch’s Power Box is the veritable Rolls-Royce of jobsite radios. It is the heaviest (24 pounds) and most advanced Bosch radio in the lineup.

It comes with all the features you can think of, is extremely loud and has four-way power outlets.

A metal and rubber protective cage around the unit is sturdy to guard it from impacts and other physical damage onsite. In fact, it is the most rugged roll cage we’ve seen in worksite radios.

It is also weatherproof. No matter what conditions you are working in, the PB360C will not miss a beat.

The Power Box has impressively loud and punchy sound. It is powered by four crystal-clear directional speakers delivering 360° enriched stereo sound accompanied by a premium subwoofer. 

PB360C Bosch Jobsite radio is the largest radio bosch currently produces

It is the loudest jobsite radio in our review, which is handy if you are using heavy tools or work in a noisy environment.

The digital tuner has a strong and well lit display that makes it easy to read even when it is dark. Main digits are large enough to be clearly seen from a couple of meters away.

One feature that we especially loved was the Power Box’s dual-purpose as a power strip. It comes equipped with a few built-in outlets that allow you to plug-in tools or other appliances that run on 10 amps or less, which offers a ton of utility when you are working.

The Power Box can be plugged into a 120V AC outlet or used on the go. You do not need to continuously spend money on lithium-ion batteries, either; it runs only on the rechargeable Bosch 18V batteries, which are sold separately.

The latest version of the Power Box also enables Bluetooth that delivers a strong and reliable signal up to 150 feet away. There is a drawer built into the radio for housing Bluetooth devices and MP3 players, but we found it to be too small for larger smartphone models.

Our only real gripe with the PB360C other than the considerable price tag is that the latest model no longer supports a wireless remote, two AUX inputs rather than one, and an SD card reader, it seems to have refocused on Bluetooth instead. This may be a welcome change for smartphone users, but others may find it unfortunate.

Bottom Line

Bosch’s PB360C Power Box is the ultimate powerhouse of job site radios . It is the biggest and loudest radio in our review that boasts four-way speakers and a subwoofer. You get Bluetooth connectivity, a well-designed protective cage and many other features. If you are looking for a predominantly stationary radio for extra-rugged environments with plenty of streaming options, we’ve got the best jobsite radio for the job for you. 

  • Sound 90% 90%
  • Features 90% 90%
  • Ports / Connections 70% 70%
  • Value 70% 70%
Bosch Bluetooth has superior range for radio bosch of about 150 feet Bluetooth range of up to 150 feet
Rigid cage for bluetooth power box jobsite media system Most durable roll cage we’ve seen
four-way speakers and a subwoofer enables large sound output Loud and powerful 360 degrees sound
AC power outlets and built-in battery charger to recharge electronic devices Doubles as a power strip
You can stream music via usb power or stream internet radio via your audio devices Many ways to stream music
Heavy Bosch radio, actually the bulkiest radio Bosch currenlty makes Bulky and heavy
Old charger radio had WiFi controls but with the new radio bosch opted for Bluetooth technology instead Missing features from last model
Expensive lithium-ion cordless option Expensive batteries

2. Best For General Jobsite Use – DeWALT DC025

DeWALT DCR025 has excellent FM reception that doesn’t falter indoors or outdoors.

It also features a digital tuning function that makes it easy to pinpoint your desired AM/FM stations. We find the AM reception a bit spotty indoors but performs solidly when outdoors.

You can also plug your devices into the AUX port or pair them to your radio via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connection reliably gives you up to 100ft of coverage and is easy to pair.

DeWALT DC012 is a battery charger radio that keeps a good balance in check between being ridgid, product quality, durability and portability

The radio delivers loud and deep audio that would resonate in your workshop even at max volume. The treble sounds a bit tinny, but you can use the built-in equalizer to balance the sound to your liking.

Although the DeWALT DCR025 doesn’t have an IP rating, it can survive a 4-feet concrete drop with only minor scratches. It is not entirely waterproof, but it can deal with a few drops of rain, yet the battery compartment is not sealed.

When plugged into the wall, it automatically charges the radio and the devices attached to the 2.1A USB port. The empty 4000mAh battery takes just over an hour to recharge. Alternatively, you can also use any DeWALT slide-in batteries from 20V to 60V to power your radio.

The most unusual and unexpected – there is a built-in bottle opener on the side of the radio.

Bottom Line

DeWALT DCR025 is a functional and reliable AM FM construction site radio. It doesn’t have an IP rating, it is built strong enough to withstand harsh work environments. Combined with the decent battery charger, it is a triple threat of a Jobsite radio.


  • Sound 70% 70%
  • Features 70% 70%
  • Ports / Connections 70% 70%
  • Value 80% 80%
compact radio with a built-in battery charger User-friendly design
dust resistant radio charger for 12v max and 20v max dewalt batteries Up to 100ft Bluetooth range
most reviews and users highlight quality bass Impressive audio at max volume
extra convenience for workers to have three AC outlets for the porter-cable Multiple charging methods
loudest of the speakers in compact size but not of highest quality Built-in equalizer
if you listen to music vocals are mediocre resulting in the average audio quality Slightly weak AM reception
no compartment to store portable devices included No IP rating

3. Best TSTAK Compatible – DeWALT DWST17510

Most jobsite radios have a utilitarian design, but not DeWALT DWST17510, which looks more like a sleek toolbox or a briefcase than a radio.

In addition to looking nice, the handle and the shape of the 13.6-pound case is easy to pick up with one hand and carry around.

If you are using TSTAK compatible modules, you will find this worksite radio highly useful as it can be stacked with your other modules via its side latches.

DeWALT DWST17510 is a highly rated product that enables workers to a premium experience

Dewalt’s design is extremely tough with sturdy body and dials, screen and other controls being placed securely inside of the casing. In addition, the radio has received the IP54 certification that includes weather and dust resistance.

Stereo sound quality is excellent, even at high volumes. It has four HD speakers, one on each corner, accompanied by a premium subwoofer and an assisted bass resonator.

The wireless Bluetooth chipset offers 3.0 (audio) and 4.0 BLE (control) capability to paired devices, meaning you can listen to your personal library of songs, shows, talks and podcasts and use your smartphone to control the device.

The radio reception, though, is the weak link for DWST17510’s. Besides, the radio does not support the AM band.

Audio is controlled via a full-color touchscreen that flips out from the center console. It looks nice, but it may be impractical if your hands get wet or you wear gloves during your work. The interface can also be controlled over a smartphone app, so you have everything at your fingertips to enjoy your favorite tunes.

DWST17510 doubles as a battery charger. It can charge Lithium-ion batteries very quickly, but it burns through them faster than most jobsite radios. You can charge a variety of different types of DeWALT batteries such as 12V, 20V, and even 60V.

To operate the radio, you can either use the same type of Lithium-ion batteries or have it plugged into the AC outlet.

Bottom Line

Dewalt’s DWST17510 is a good choice if you want a high-quality job site radio with a bit of elegance and class. Being compatible with DeWALT’s TSTAK system is an additional bonus for anyone using TSTAK modules as you can stack them together. It is weatherproof, but the touch screen and the lack of a shock-absorbing cage make it better-suited for jobs where it will not take too much beating.


  • Sound 80% 80%
  • Features 90% 90%
  • Ports / Connections 90% 90%
  • Value 80% 80%
great for workers already using TSTAK standard products TSTAK module compatible
premium audio quality with stereo sound Sophisticated audio
100 feet Bluetooth range Easily portable
IP56 weather resistant and dust resistant IP54 dust and water resistance rating
ac adaptor and long 12v max and 20v battery life Charges DeWALT batteries
No AM band
storage compartment construction is too small Built-in storage compartment too small for most MP3 players and larger phones

4. Best Jobsite Portable Radio – Milwaukee 2590-20 M12

Milwaukee 2590-20 is a small and light radio that comes with a shock resistant body and great stereo sound for its size.

It is less expensive than most jobsite radios in our list, yet those cost savings comes a slightly cheaper build.

Each side of the 10.5-inch tall device sports a small circular speaker, both of which are water-resistant and are covered by an aluminum mesh shield to prevent damage.

Despite being already ultra-portable, there are two small rubber handles on either side of the device that help to carry it around.

Between the speakers are a thin LCD display, several rubber buttons to control audio, and a flip-down device storage box to house your portable device. The drawer, however, is not big enough to hold larger phones.

On the back there is a jack for plugging in a wall charger and a place for a Lithium-ion battery. The wall jack does not actually charge the radio, just supplies it with power while it is plugged in. You can only use 12V lithium-ion batteries in the radio, which are affordable and readily available.

The amount of sound to come out of such a small jobsite radio is amazing. It does not offer the crystal clear audio of a much larger model, but it can almost get as loud.

The design of the radio is solid, and a black polymer coating encasing much of the unit will protect it from bumps. The speakers and the device drawer are sealed and weather-resistant too. It is probably not a good idea to take the Milwaukee M12 into extreme conditions, though.

The controls are conveniently placed, but they are also quite small and bunched together because of the radio’s compact size. This makes them hard to push with gloved hands.

Although Milwaukee’s site claims the radio’s advanced and exclusive digital tuner produces better reception than any other jobsite radio, we did not find it to be particularly different. It was just ok, as both the AM and FM radio stations have dropped out in urban areas occasionally.

Bottom Line

Milwaukee 2590-20 is a compact, lightweight build makes it excellent for contractors and others who want to move around a lot during their work. It is also perfect for camping and other “on-the-go” outdoor activities. You can get a better-sounding, more heavy-duty jobsite radio for twice as much, but you may rather opt for portability.


  • Sound 80% 80%
  • Features 60% 60%
  • Ports / Connections 60% 60%
  • Value 70% 70%
milwaukee m12 is the best compact job site radio in our review Compact and portable
Loud and quality sound with side-firing speakers Surprisingly loud
milwaukee m12 is shock resistant and weather resistant Reasonably durable
Small buttons
exclusive digital tuner does not stand up to expections Mediocre receiver
Cheap-feeling AC adaptor

5. Most Streaming Options – Makita XRM09B

XRM09B is a great worksite music system that features a radio, music player and various streaming options from your device.

It has impressive speakers, a stylish EQ, and supports the latest Bluetooth connectivity standards.

The durable, heavy-duty body pushes the overall weight to 12 pounds, but a well-built handle makes it easy enough to lift and transport.

Aesthetically, the centerpiece of the radio is the reverse-contrast display, which changes colors based on the EQ you have selected.

With IP65 rating, Makita XRM09B is the best waterproof jobsite radio

Above and below the display are two rows of large rubber buttons that are easy to access even with work gloves. One includes station presets and the other row enables power, source and alarm controls.

Also on the front panel is a large rubber knob as well as the 5V USB port for charging and AUX jack. Overall, we found the Makita XRM09B to be the most attractive jobsite radio in our review.

The audio capacity has a very capable volume upper end that remains clear across the volume range. Makita has added a large, powerful subwoofer since the last model, to improve performance in noisy environments. The mid- and high-range speakers are excellent as well.

Unfortunately, the addition of the subwoofer resulted in a greater weight (12 pounds compared to the old 10 pounds) and much shorter battery life (up to 18 hours compared to up to 35). Using Bluetooth further reduces battery life even further.

The radio is equipped with a roll cage, and a dust and water-resistant body that has earned it a IP65 rating, which is able to protect the worksite radio from harsh conditions outside.

The XRM09B can be powered by a variety of standard Makita’s 12V, 14.4V, and 18V rechargeable batteries. On the flip side, unlike other similar sized models, it does not charge those power tool batteries. The 18V sells separately, though it’s expensive. Alternatively, the radio can also run using AC power outlets.

Bottom Line

Makita’s XRM09B is ideal for those who need a balanced mix of durability, wireless connectivity, ease to carry around and a great sound quality at the same time. The Bluetooth radio, sophisticated audio setup and powerful speakers tend to chew through the battery a little bit quicker than other work site radios. At the same time, for anyone having an easy access to the AC power outlets or has spare Makita batteries has everything to love about this model. 

  • Sound 90% 90%
  • Features 90% 90%
  • Ports / Connections 90% 90%
  • Value 80% 80%
face includes 5 station presets Attractive design
30 feet bluetooth technology range Bluetooth connectivity
change quality sound reproduction Advanced EQ
weather resistant and water resistant body protects from harsh conditions Very Durable
this charger radio enables high-quality sound whether you listen to music or podcasts Crystal-clear sound experience
Does not charge batteries
Heavier and shorter battery life than the older model

6. Best Radio Reception – Sangean LB-100

LB-100’s retail name is “The Lunchbox,” which gives you an idea of how portable, lightweight and simply designed it is.

There are only a few ergonomically designed buttons for 5 station presets and two dials on the unit making it the most accessible jobsite radio on our list.

The unit is extremely durable with a hard plastic roll cage that protects it from impacts, although it is not designed to withstand extreme force.

The body of the radio, which actually looks a bit like a yellow plastic lunchbox, is made from tough material that earned it IP54 certification for water and dust proofing.

LB-100 is the most basic Sangean jobsite radio

The LB-100 only has a single five-watt, 5.25-inch diameter speaker. The audio is bass-heavy, and that can wash out the mid- to upper-range notes. You can turn the volume to the maximum without getting distorted, but it may not have enough blare for very noisy environments.

The AM/FM signal strength is great, even in rural areas. On the flip side, there is no Bluetooth technology support or an auxiliary port, which means radio is the only way to enjoy music.

The device runs on four traditional C-size batteries, which are inexpensive and last a while. Alternatively, it can also run from wall power via the AC adaptor.

Bottom Line

The Lunchbox is a compact utility worksite radio that is easy to carry around, making it perfect for people who move around a lot. Fans of sports and talk radio will especially love it because of the radio signal strenght and long battery life, although music listeners may be less impressed with the lackluster audio quality. On the downside, we’d love to see Bluetooth connectivity or AUX support.


  • Sound 80% 80%
  • Features 70% 70%
  • Ports / Connections 70% 70%
  • Value 80% 80%
9-foot Attached AC Power Cord or a radio charger cable Lightweight and portable
superior durability made for harsh conditions Very durable
Easy to use digital tuner Easy-to-use design
The best worksite radio FM reception in this product guide Good reception
One of the cheapest radios in this guide Inexpensive
Not exceptional quality sound Washed-out sound
even with volume set at max, your tunes may feel too quiet Too quiet
No bluetooth technology support and no music streaming from your mp3 player as there is no USB port No Bluetooth, AUX or USB port

7. Best Storage Space – Milwaukee 2792-20 M18

The 2792-20 M18 is everything a heavy-duty jobsite radio needs to be and nothing more. It is durable, easy to control, and features a strong personal music library support.

The radio is fairly big and heavy at 17 pounds, but it has three handles to help you carry it around. The boxy design is good for storage and does not take up too much floor space.

The backlit LCD of the device sits atop a panel of large rubber buttons and a rubber dial, all of which are big and easy to manipulate even with work gloves.

The large, square speaker cover is beneath the panel. 

M18 2792-20 Milwaukee jobsite radio

On the back of the device is Milwaukee’s signature bottle opener. A rubber shock proof roll cage protects most of the exterior with no exposed outlets, but the materials used on the exterior of the radio feel a bit cheap.

The Bluetooth radio features a 100 feet range, which is more than most work site radios offer today.

The storage compartment on top of the device is large enough to hold your music device or bigger phones during playback.

The radio features an AUX-in for your MP3 player, mobile phone or other music device. Alternatively, you can use  AM/FM tuner or Bluetooth streaming for playing your favorite tunes from your portable device or stream internet radio stations.

2792-20 M18’s sound quality is a little underwhelming. It has two mid-range speakers, two tweeters, and no subwoofer, resulting in a weakish bass. The volume does not go up as high as you would expect from such a large, heavy worksite radio either.

The device runs off Milwaukee’s M18 batteries, and it can also charge them when plugged into an AC outlet. Most radios sacrifice some sound quality while charging a battery, but not M18 jobsite radio. It has two USB ports, and they can both play your digital music files or charge mobile devices when the job-site radio is on. Sadly, there are no general-purpose electrical outlets on the radio.

Bottom Line

Milwaukee’s 2792-20 M18 radio is a good choice for those who want a basic jobsite radio that allows your song collection to be streamed on the radio in a number of ways. It is especially handy for those who mainly use their own music collection at work. In addition, it comes with a large storage compartment and a bottle opener at the back.

  • Sound 80% 80%
  • Features 80% 80%
  • Ports / Connections 80% 80%
  • Value 80% 80%
m18 jobsite radio has three handles Three handles to carry around
100 feet Bluetooth cordless radio range and a USB port Many streaming options
shock absorbing body with a large media drawer for electronic devices Large internal drawer for electronic devices
Milwaukee jobsite radio built-in battery charger Built-in battery charger for Milwaukee power tool batteries
10-station preset Built-in bottle opener
play music quality is mediocre delivered by side-firing speakers Mediocre audio
need to check other reviews for adapter No AC outlets

8. Best Pocket Size Jobsite Radio – Makita RM02

At 1.7 pounds and a size small enough to fit into your pocket, the RM02 is the smallest jobsite radio in our review.

It is easy to control, it has an excellent tuner, and the sound is surprisingly good for the size of the radio.

The radio’s simple design consists of a panel of large, easy-to-press controls, a tuning knob and a pair of indents to hang a strap on top and a non-backlit LCD screen nestled in between.

There are five buttons for station presets to save your favorite station channels at the top and radio station selection and volume controls on the face of the unit. 

Below the LCD is a speaker shield. On the back of the device, a rotating hook folds out to allow you to hang the radio up.

On the side of the device is an auxiliary port. The RM02 does not support Bluetooth, though, which would have been a handy feature for a modern radio, but understandable given the size of the device.

The radio features a pair of small speakers that, while not as strong as those on heavy-duty jobsite radios, are surprisingly punchy. They play talk and music clearly for a pocket-sized player, even at maxed out volume without losing quality. We found the radio reception to be great, too, thanks in part to a rotating rubber antenna atop the device.

The hard plastic of the Makita RM02 feels sturdy enough to withstand a few drops, especially since the radio is so light. It is not ‘jobsite tough’ as not even the product page on Makita’s site mentions any kind of durable design or weather resistance.

The radio is compatible with Makita’s 12V CXT batteries, which come in two and four amp-hour versions and can can run for 30 hours on 4Ah.

Bottom Line

Makita RM02 is the smalles and most porable jobsite radio in our list. It can take more of a beating than a traditional portable radio (e.g. drops from short distances, exposure to humidity, etc.), but it may not be ideal for heavy-duty work. If you are looking for one of the best jobsite radios on the market that is tough enough and can almost fit into your pocket – RM02 is a worthy option to consider.


  • Audio 80% 80%
  • Features 60% 60%
  • Ports / Connections 70% 70%
  • Value 90% 90%
Pocket-sized compact radio
Strong digital tuner reception Great reception
Loud stereo quality sound for the size of this cordless radio Loud for its size
no Bluetooth, no USB port, only one auxiliary input No Bluetooth
Not very durable
quality sound but not loud enough for some  job sites ‘Small’ sound

9. Best Sound Quality – Sangean U4

The U4 is a beast; it is big, it is heavy, it is loud and it has a list of features that will give less-techy users anxiety.

If you need and can use most of them, it will give you everything you want and more from a heavy-duty jobsite radio.

The sound quality is on par with the best jobsite radios out there. The mids and highs are clear, and they are grounded by a powerful base.

In fact, this radio has received an award from as the top sound quality radio of 2020.

Sangean U4 reviews

It has Bluetooth, a built-in alarm clock, a built-in 1A USB power port (that can charge portable and music devices only when turned off), a program that automatically warns you of upcoming hazardous weather, a smart battery charger, an AUX port, a rotary bass and treble control, and so much more. Sangean did put a lot of thought into the design and ergonomics, hence using most of the above functions is pretty straightforward.

The unit is IP64-certified for resistance to water and dust. A hard plastic protective roll cage and a solid build will guard it from most impacts you can expect in a job site.

On the downside, the radio is indeed a bit heavy and bulky. At 14 pounds it is only relatively portable, yet a handle built into the top of the roll cage makes it easy to carry around for those willing to lug around the weight.

Sangean U4 runs on D batteries, which are cheap and easy to replace. It has a built-in charger to recharge the batteries itself. The device also runs on AC outlet power.

Bottom Line

Sangean U4 is a perfect music device if you are looking for additional features such as the location specific weather alert service, USB charging and others that you would genuinely use. It strikes a good balance between bulky, rigid alternatives and ultra-portable jobsite radios, so if you do not need to move your radio around the job site too often, Sangean U4 may be one of the best jobsite radios for you.


  • Sound 90% 90%
  • Features 90% 90%
  • Ports / Connections 90% 90%
  • Value 90% 90%
has a device storage box Feature-rich
high-quality sound experience High-quality sound
one of the best jobsite radios out there in general Can charge D-size batteries
Toughest sangean jobsite radio Rigid construction
weather resistant and weather alerts NOAA Weather Radio
If you listen to music you may want more Below-average volume
cons reviews and drawbacks in this guide Big and heavy

10. Best Warranty Worksite Radio – Ryobi P746 One+

Ryobi’s P746 is a relatively light and portable unit at seven pounds. It has a modern design, fairly good sound, and excellent support for your mobile devices.

The radio has a USB charging port, which puts out 2 amps of power. This means the radio will charge devices like media players much faster than most other jobsite radios out there.

It also has Bluetooth and a device tray that is big enough to hold even large phones, making it convenient when streaming music from your phone.

connects with features like USB and Bluetooth

The Bluetooth, however, is not that strong, and starts to drop out at 50 feet away from the unit. The device also has a decently powerful AM/FM radio with capability to save 10 FM and 10 AM station presets for your favorite  station channels.

Unlike most other models featuring the usual AUX-in jack, the P746 has an AUX-out which is used to get other devices or speakers to reproduce the sound. We are not sure where and when this option could be used, yet it is there if you need it.

Unless it is plugged into the wall via its AC cord, the unit works only with Ryobi 18V One+ batteries. It gets an impressive 30 hours of playback, although there seems to be some battery drainage even when the radio is not in use.

The P746 One+ does not come with the most durable build for a jobsite radio. The AUX out and the USB port are not covered, and the strap to hold portable devices is not protected. There is no protective roll cage, and the materials used feel rather cheap. Nevertheless, the housing appears rather sturdy, but is not designed to take the rough beating.

The sound quality is average. It is loud, thanks to four precision-tuned bass ports, but the mid- and high-range notes are often drowned out by the bass.

Bottom Line

Ryobi P746 One+ is a great choice for those who love using personal media at work. It offers fast USB charge, and the radio has very long battery life. It is not exactly heavy-duty and probably should not be taken into extreme jobsite conditions, but it is portable and loud, ideal for slightly more casual outside work.


  • Audio 70% 70%
  • Ports / Connections 80% 80%
  • Features 70% 70%
  • Value 80% 80%
users will find this waterproof digital charger radio light Lightweight
USB port built-in charger 2A USB power port for fast charging
keep your portable device that connects to the radio in the tray Spacious built-in media tray
charged fully it gives you plenty of playing time Long battery life
ancillary out for other audio devices AUX-out
poorly rated Bluetooth range Mediocre Bluetooth range
no protective cage to make it safe for some worksites Not especially durable
enables sub optimal audio quality Mediocre sound quality

best jobsite radio reviews Wrap-up

Our guide has combed the job site radio marketplace for the top products out there to deliver you the top 10 jobsite radios you can buy today. We believe that of all the product reviews out there, we’ve delivered to you the only one you’ll ever need. For a super quick summary, here is our recommendation:

Sangean U4 is set and crowned as the top sounding jobsite radio we reviewed, and the Bosch PB360C is the most durable.

Sangean LB-100 has the most reliable radio reception, and the Ryobi P746 One+ had the most seamless personal audio support.

Dewalt DWST17510 has the most attractive design, and the Makita RM02 is our pick for the top small and portable jobsite radio.

Dewalt DC025 did a first class job at staying user-friendly while still presenting a heavy-duty construction, and the Milwaukee M12 wins our choice for the best compact jobsite radio.

Milwaukee 2792-20 M18 and the Makita XRM09B are both solid jobsite radios that do a good job of integrating helpful features with classic aesthetics.

We have also recently reviewed and shortlisted 10 of the best internet radios for any budget, so feel free have a sneak peek and find the perfect product for you.

Also, If you are looking for the best walkie talkie instead, make sure to check our other review for the latest options on the market. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Jobsite Radio

Picking the best jobsite radio ever is always subjective and different aspects matter different things for each one of us. At the same time, we believe that honest online reviews and a good product selection guide is a good place to start. The below three factors, such as loudness, dust and water resistance, and toughness.

How will you use it?

When picking the perfect job site radio it is normal to set primary considerations to audio quality and looks. At the same time, some of the most important factors like workplace environment and conditions are often left out. Knowing how you are planning to use your new radio is key to ensure that a great fit to leave you satisfied with your purchase. All job sites are different and could greatly vary.

Are you operating close to noisy machinery or equipment? Is your work area exposed to above-average levels of dust or water? Is it likely that something may fall or get dropped on the radio and cause damage? In addition, what is your favorite music and what are you planning to listen to – songs, news, shows or podcasts?

If you need the loudest radios to beat the noise and other sounds in your worksite, here are our top picks:

  1. Bosch PB360C Power Box
  2. Milwaukee 2792-20 M18
  3. Sangean U4

Most jobsite radios are at least water-resistant. At the same time, if additional water and dust protection are required at job sites you work, here is our recommendation:

  1. Makita XRM09B
  2. Sangean U4
  3. DeWALT DWST17510

Lastly, if physical durability is a must for most workers and conditions, however, if you are looking for the toughest of the toughest – the below audio systems in our review offer an extremely rugged construction and design:

  1. Bosch PB360C Power Box
  2. Sangean LB-100
  3. DeWALT DC025

Features and options

You may think that getting the functionality right is obvious, yet with new worksite radios these days, they are smart and can do a lot of things. Pick the one that you will use, not the ones that the radio has. Here is a list of the features to consider:

  • Physical and wireless connectivity
  • Audio quality
  • Directional or 360 degrees sound
  • Bluetooth connectivity and range
  • Power source or supply – AC, battery or both?
  • AM/FM or DAB radio?
  • Battery life
  • Device storage box
  • Loudness or volume
  • Radio weight and carry around convenience
  • Face controls/dials
  • USB port to stream you favorite music
  • Protective roll cage
  • USB charging of MP3 players, audio devices and other portable devices you may have


Most jobsite radio units are not cheap and should be seen as some sort of investment. At the same time, the prices vary sufficiently to consider if you want to spend a hundred or north of three hundred dollars.

Also, more expensive does not mean better as you may be either paying for a brand name or the included features you will never use.

If you are price conscious and are sitting on the budget-friendly side of the fence, here are some of the top choices we recommend:

  1. Sangean LB-100
  2. Milwaukee M12
  3. Makita RM02

Frequently Asked Questions

Can job site radios charge other devices?

Yes, but it depends on the job site radio. Most job site devices in our review feature a USB port that can be used for charging your portable devices. Other, more advanced radios can charge lithium batteries used by the same manufacturer in other tools. For example, DeWALT DC025 can both recharge Dewalt 7.2-18V batteries or use them as a power source.

Are worksite radios waterproof and dust proof?

Most jobsite radio products have some level of water and dust protection or resistance. Some, come with IP certifications that make it clear how much of water and dust exposure the radios are able to withstand. Finally, all products in our review come with a level of water resistance protection included, yet are different in its performance.

Are job site radios different to work site radios?

No, those two terms mean the same thing as job sites and work sites are the areas people undertake construction or renovation work. There are no practical differences between the two.