After seven days of playing with knobs, adjusting settings, and listening to endless internet radio stations using ten top-rated radios, we think the best internet radio is Auna Connect 150.

It has simple controls, great looks, inviting sound, and delivers access to thousands of radio stations from anywhere in the world whenever you want it.

You no longer need to be in the country or city that broadcasts the radio station, instead, you only need to have internet access.

At the same time, other internet radios in our review may be more applicable or tailored for your individual circumstances, so keep reading to find the best web or internet radio for you.


Top 10 Internet Radios

Size / Weight / Sound Power / Input Source

Best Premium Internet Radio - Como Audio: Musica

Premium build quality, stylish design and the best sound in our review. With plenty of connection options, including CD, you can't go wrong with Como Audio Musica is you have some cash to spend. Streaming Services: Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Napster, Amazon Prime




9.3 lb

Sound Power

30 W

Input Source


Best Overall - Grace Digital Mondo+

Extremely versatile internet radio for both indoor and outdoor use. Chromecast integration allows streaming with all radio apps there are. Streaming Services: All (via Google Chromecast)




3 lb

Sound Power

10 W

Input Source


Best Sirius Radio - SiriusXM Sound Station

Top of the line internet radio specifically built for SiriusXM use. If you have Sirius service or planning to get one, this is the best Sirius radio around. Streaming Services: SiriusXM




3 lb

Sound Power

~10 W

Input Source


Best Value - LEMEGA IR1

Simple and beautiful WIFI smart radio with rich features and affordable price tag. Wooden cabinet, 60 station presets with mains power and battery power support. Streaming Services: None integrated




2.16 lb

Sound Power

3 W

Input Source


Best Social Integration - Aluratek AIRMM03F

Color LCD with touch screen controls, social network integration and built-in rechargeable battery makes it a great bedside choice. Streaming Services: iHeart, Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, Slacker, TuneIn




1.7 lb

Sound Power

11 W

Input Source


Best Portable - Sangean WFR-28

An ultra-compact and portable WiFi radio with rechargeable batteries built in. Features 16,000+ online radio stations and integrated Spotify support. Streaming Services: Spotify




2.8 lb

Sound Power

1.2 W

Input Source


Best For Home - Grace Digital Encore+

Over 100, 000 internet online radio stations via direct & Chromecast supported apps. Powerful stereo sound and Google Assistant / Home support. Streaming Services: All (via Google Chromecast)




10 lb

Sound Power

24 W

Input Source


Best Small Internet Radio - CC WiFi Internet Radio

Simple and robust design coupled with one of the most stable WiFi reception we've seen. Portable design, but only supports AC power. Streaming Services: Pandora, iHeartMedia &




2.1 lb

Sound Power

2 W

Input Source


Best Style - Auna Connect 150 BK

A fresh and stylish approach to internet radios. It features stunning looks, punchy and quality stereo sound with a built-in subwoofer and loads of streaming options. One of the best internet radios we've ever tested. Streaming Services: Spotify




4.9 lb

Sound Power

20 W

Input Source


Smartest Internet Radio - Lemega M2P

The gorgeous and unique wooden exterior made of recycled furniture coupled with small size and support of all audio sources you can think of. Streaming Services: Spotify




5.7 lb

Sound Power

7 W

Input Source


1. Best Premium – Como Audio: Musica

If you’re willing to spend a little bit more for premium internet radio, the Como Audio: Musica is one of the top choices to consider.

It features a square cabinet style design that comes in multiple wood veneer finishes.

This fine built 30-watt radio gives you access to thousands of FM, and internet radio streaming stations via the Wi-Fi connection.

Como Audio: Musica was designed by radio enthusiasts with a mission to create the best internet radio tuner out there

Como Audio: Musica is an internet radio player that features multi-room player capability, and can fill your home or apartment with Hi-Fi quality sound. You can also directly connect it to your TV to upgrade to a superior quality surround sound in an instant.

The body is made of gorgeous handcrafted furniture wood with buttons and controls having a great tactile feel. It both looks, and feels premium and represents a great design addition to any room.

Como Audio: Musica comes with a 2.8-inch display screen that shows album art, artist information, and online radio station details. The screen looks great and delivers a clear image and text quality.

Unlike other internet radios in our list, Como Audio: Musica comes with an integrated CD player and USB slots for flash drives that double as a smartphone charger.

The audio quality Como Audio: Musica manages to deliver is crystal clear, detailed, and punchy that most music lovers will appreciate. In fact, it has the most impressive sound reproduction among all the radios in our review. The tonal balance is natural which works great for music, radio, and podcasts.

Overall, Como Audio is a very respectable brand that makes premium radios and prides itself on premium sound and exquisite attention to detail. If you are interested in multi-purpose radios for your living room, make sure to check out our latest review of the best home radio systems as Como Audio, once again, has made it to the top 10.

Bottom Line

The Como Audio: Musica is a gorgeous, simplistic yet visually stunning design and wood finish that would complete the interior of any room. It has everything you could expect from one of the top-rated internet radio players out there. In fact, it is much more than radio – it is a highly versatile device that can connect to thousands of internet radio stations, stream audio via Bluetooth or act as a soundbar for your TV.

  • Sound Quality 90% 90%
  • Features 80% 80%
  • Ports / Connections 90% 90%
  • Value 60% 60%
Review of internet radios and comparison Stunning wood finish
Excellent internet radio tuner for home stereo Massive variety of stations
Top of the line internet radio player you can buy Excellent sound for the compact size
radio with internet access to internet stations Can play CDs
Best portable speakers under 100 reviews benefits, pros, cons and recommendations Knobs are small, tough to navigate
Best portable speakers under 100 reviews benefits, pros, cons and recommendations Phone apps are buggy
Best portable speakers under 100 reviews benefits, pros, cons and recommendations Some may find LCD too bright

2. Best Internet Radio OVerall – Grace Digital Mondo+

Grace Digital Mondo+ is the best-selling internet radio on the market, giving you access to over 30,000 AM, FM, and HD internet radio stations worldwide.

The set-up is crazy simple, connecting onto your network in just about two minutes without the use of an overly-complicated app other manufacturers and internet radios come with.

One of its most distinctive features of the radio is the 3.5-inch color screen that is bright and delivers a high-resolution image quality and provides easy access to the menus, settings, and internet radio apps.

With thousands happy customers on Amazon, Internet Radio Grace Digital Mondo+ is best web radio player as far as Amazon sales go.

Not many internet radios are portable, and despite a slightly bulky size, Mondo+ offers precisely that. You can take the radio on the go if you get the rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is sold separately.

Cutting the power cord allows you to take your internet radio player to the backyard for some outdoor listening as long as you still have an active wireless connection. Alternatively, you can always use your mobile phone to hotspot the internet connection and enjoy the radio anywhere you go.

Out of the box, you’ll have access to some of the biggest stations in the digital world like Sirius, iHeart Radio, NPR, BBC, and CBS Radio. However, notable apps like Pandora, Slacker, Spotify, Live365, AccuRadio, ShoutCast and RadioTunes are absent.

Overall, Digital Mondo+ is a very capable multipurpose radio which can also be used as a wireless smart speaker. It delivers impressive sound, is reasonably portable, and has simple interface making it a perfect choice for home kitchen or other small areas of your house.

Bottom Line

Digital Mondo+ is a simple, reliable, well-built internet radio that can be used both indoors and outdoors. With easy set-up, optional battery for added mobility and a massive range of stations and networks available out of the box – Mondo+ is one of the top internet radio players you can get.

  • Sound Quality 80% 80%
  • Features 80% 80%
  • Ports / Connections 80% 80%
  • Value 80% 80%
grace digital gdi wi fi music player with easy setup Simple user interface, easy set-up
grace digital gdi with radio FM Added portability with a rechargeable battery
grace digital gdi Sirius, iHeart Radio, NPR, BBC, and CBS Radio preinstalled
Compatible with most smartphones
wifi radio grace digital does not have streaming setup by default No Pandora, Slacker, or Spotify
many internet stations Rechargeable lithium-ion battery not included

3. Best Sirius Radio – SiriusXM Sound Station

SiriusXM Sound Station is an internet radio that works exclusively with Sirius internet radio service.

Sirius is one of the most established services in the online radio industry providing live news, sports, discussion, weather, and favorite music channels.

To enjoy the large world of Sirius entertainment, you are required to have a subscription which is purchased separately.

XM Sound Station is undoubtedly the best sirius radio we've ever come across. The downside, it only works with Sirius XM

The radio lets you customize and personalize your stations, pause, rewind, and replay live radio, and even gives you access to exclusive on-demand shows.

Like most internet radios, XM Sound Station features an alarm clock with its built-in digital alarm system that you can set for daily, weekly or one-time use. Unlike many other internet radios, it has a snooze button for those who prefer to wake up gradually and stretch their sleep a little bit.

If you prefer wired connection instead of a wireless one, you can purchase an additional Ethernet dongle attachment for your device.

Despite its relatively small size, XM Sound Station delivers a surprisingly punchy, full-range sound. It also allows you to tailor the sound with the built-in equalizer, which is not often found on internet radios.

The color LCD is large and displays images and text in high quality. On the downside, like most large LCD screens – it feels too bright at night. Perhaps, not the best option for light sleepers.

Bottom Line

If you are looking at getting or already have a Sirius internet radio service subscription, SiriusXM Sound Station is probably the best Sirius radio for your tabletop. Its superior sound sound across the frequency range, replay, pause and rewind features for live radio are the key things that set it apart.


  • Sound Quality 80% 80%
  • Features 80% 80%
  • Ports / Connections 80% 80%
  • Value 70% 70%
best sirius radio Perfect for Sirius subscribers
Best sirius web radio Ability to pause, rewind and replay live radio
reliable and quality sirius radio signal Impressive sound
head and sholders above competition in Sirius space Handy remote control
Sirius subscription is not free Cumbersome set-up
wifi internet radio receiver is not perfect A bright exterior LCD screen
which readio should you buy? Only Sirius radio service support

4. Best Internet With DAB Support – LEMEGA IR1

Weighing in at 1.39lbs, the hand-sized LEMEGA IR1 is perfect for your home and on-the-go internet radio needs.

By connecting to WiFi, you can stream and enjoy over 30,000 internet radio stations from all over the world.

You won’t be able to add stations outside of its internet radio database manually, but you can use the fast-pair Bluetooth feature for your smartphone or MP3 player.

Simplicity, price and robustness make Ocean Digital WR-336N internet radio tuner a top pick in its class.

If your internet is down, you can alternatively enjoy your favorite DAB/DAB+ and FM channels. You can store and access your favorite streams with just one button. It holds 20 presets for each Internet /DAB/FM modes.

The LEMEGA IR1 displays important information like radio station names, album network, and the weather with the 2.4” full-color screen. Using Clean-Crystal technology, this portable internet radio delivers a loud and crisp sound that doesn’t falter at max volume.

Although the clearly labeled buttons make the radio extremely easy to use, you can also download the COMO Control Audio app to manage your radio from the comforts of your bed. It also features a smart alarm system for your workday and weekend alarms.

Bottom Line

Powered by AA batteries and a power bank, the LEMEGA IR1 is a stylish and affordable internet radio that you can bring on the go. It features intuitive controls with a 2.4” full-color LCD screen, making it incredibly easy to use. Although it is limited to its internet radio database, it has tons of online and offline connectivity options, so you never have to go without your favorite streaming stations.


  • Sound Quality 80% 80%
  • Features 70% 70%
  • Ports / Connections 70% 70%
  • Value 90% 90%
smallest e-radio in our review from ocean digital Slim hand-sized design
ocean digital is known for budget web radios 2.4” full-color display
Simple, plain and easy to use Multiple connectivity options
Reliable ocean digital online radio Can be controlled via an app
alarm clocks and nice user interface Smart alarm system
Best portable speakers under 100 reviews benefits, pros, cons and recommendations Mono sound
Best portable speakers under 100 reviews benefits, pros, cons and recommendations Can’t manually add streaming stations

5. Best Social Integration – Aluratek AIRMM03F

If social networks are important to you then you may want to check Aluratek AIRMM03F.

It is one of not many internet radio players on the market that features integration with Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

It also comes with Amazon Drive, Flikr, and Gallery apps integration allowing you to keep all your digital content within reach.

If you are looking for the social integration into your WiFi radio - Aluratek AIRMM03F is our choice.

Overall, by using the additional apps that can be installed on the radio, Aluratek AIRMM03F provides access to over 50,000 online radio station options and up to 35,000 podcasts. You can also install your favorite apps like iHeartRADIO, Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, Slacker Radio, TuneIn, and many others.

The gorgeous 4.3-inch touchscreen color LCD display coupled with the icon-based menu structure makes navigation through the various apps quick, intuitive, and easy. Alternatively, if you prefer a hands-off approach, the Aluratek AIRMM03F has an active voice control feature.

The sound is powered by a small 5W downward firing sub and two 3W front-facing speakers that deliver a surprisingly clear and balanced experience.

Lastly, Aluratek AIRMM03F was not specifically designed to be carried around, yet works just fine for occasional outside use. It features a battery mode powered by the rechargeable mAh lithium-ion battery delivering up to five hours of audio streaming.

On the downside, we would like to see the NPR station support.

Bottom Line

Aluratek AIRMM03F is a very compelling option that does almost everything an internet radio can do, which is surprising given its affordable price point. If you’re looking for portable design, good sound quality and social network integration in a single, slim package, you may have just found the best online radio for the job.


  • Sound Quality 70% 70%
  • Features 90% 90%
  • Ports / Connections 90% 90%
  • Value 90% 90%
Best social media radio Social accounts integration
top rated streaming radio for social 4.3 inch touchscreen
Very affordable net radio for your bedside table App-friendly set-up
Cheap and plain as internet clock radio

Touchscreen menus are a little confusing

6. Best Portable Internet Radio – Sangean WFR-28

Sangean WFR-28 is an ultra-compact WiFi internet radio specifically designed to be both portable and stationary.

It is also the first Sangean internet radio that features an app control in contrast to the more traditional remote controls.

With 16,000 stations like NPR, FOX News, CNN, BBC and KROQ, a massive selection of podcasts and all the local FM stations you could ever want – this web radio has a lot to offer.

Sangean WFR-28 internet radio is also a FM-RBDS / USB Network Music Player Digital Receiver

Despite being small in size and featuring only one speaker, it comes with various sound presets, such as pop, rock, classical, news and movie.

Sangean WFR-28 internet radio does not feature Bluetooth support but it does have the AUX input port on the side. So, as long as you have your 3.5mm jack audio cable, you can stream audio from any compatible devices such as iPhones, iPads, MP3’s and CD players.

The internet radio player features a built-in extendable antenna with exceptional signal strength and RDS support. This allows you to enjoy local FM stations in addition to over 16000 internet radio stations worldwide accessible over Wi-Fi.

The radio features a Frontier Silicon’s IR 2.6 network audio software, which is typically found in bigger radios and provides a complete, versatile and improved online radio listening experience.

The sound quality is quite decent, but nothing special at the same time. There are physical bass and treble controls you can use to tailor the sound to your liking, but that’s about it.

On the flip side, WFR-28 feels a little bit heavy despite its compact design but the body is sturdy and provides a good feel.

Also, having just five pre-sets for radio stations feels somewhat limited. Else, WFR-28 is an amazing internet radio option for anyone wanting an internet radio that is small enough to carry around and loud enough to be used at home.

Bottom Line

Sangean WFR-28 is a sturdy, reliable and portable radio that supports internet station streaming. It has all the features you need on the go – a strong signal connection, great sound specs, and the compact size. If you are looking for internet radio experience on the go – here is the most travel-friendly internet radio in our review.


  • Sound Quality 70% 70%
  • Features 80% 80%
  • Ports / Connections 70% 70%
  • Value 80% 80%
sangean wfr 28 internet radio is simple Simple and practical design
sangean wfr 28 internet is easy to carry around Strong WiFi & radio connection
Robust and reliable e-radio Long battery life
sangean wfr 28 internet e-radio design is a bit dull Tuning can be a bit of a challenge
wfr 28 internet radio is a no IP radio Only five FM and Digital preset stations

7. Best Internet Radio For Living Room – Grace Digital Encore+

Grace Digital Encore+ is a cabinet shape internet radio and media streamer that features retro looks but packs the latest online radio technology.

It comes in black or walnut color schemes, so you can pick the one that fits your interior better.

If you are looking for a multi-room setup, Grace Digital Encore+is a great choice as it connects with other Encore+ units to share information and reproduce the same audio simultaneously.

Grace Digital Encore+ is a digital internet radio, wi-fi music player and a stereo WiFi speaker with Bluetooth streaming

The list of audio sources and applications it supports is exhaustive. You can stream audio via Bluetooth, direct Aux-in connection, USB port, UPnP compatible device, Chromecast, or Spotify Connect. All of which makes Encore+ more of a media player rather than a radio. If you are planning to have a home theatre system sometime in the future, Encore+ could nicely integrate into the overall set-up.

Along with the apps, the radio supports more than 30,000 direct access AM/FM/HD internet radio podcasts and stations worldwide, which include BBC, NPR, FOX, CNN, and many more. Besides, Grace Digital is offering to add more stations on demand by contacting them directly and placing a custom order free of charge.

To help you navigate when installing the apps and using the device the 3.5 inch LCD and remote control come to rescue. The color display looks great and delivers a high-quality image and clear text.

The stereo sound is delivered by two 3″ frontal speakers and a 4 ¾” downward-facing subwoofer. The result is a balanced, rich, and crystal clear sound even at high volumes. You can select between five EQ presets as Flat, Jazz, Classic, Rock, or Vocal as well as adjust treble and bass controls individually.

With so many features and capabilities, Encore+ is much more than just a radio. It is a media stereo system with internet radio integration that can easily fill your room with high-fidelity sound.

Bottom Line

Grace Digital Encore+ is an amazingly composed internet radio that delivers loads of functionality, sounds great and looks the deal. With multi-room setup capability, built-in Chromecast and all the audio streaming options you can imagine, Grace Digital Encore+ sits amongst the best internet radios on the market. In fact, given the reasonable price tag, it has little to no competition.


  • Sound Quality 90% 90%
  • Features 90% 90%
  • Ports / Connections 90% 90%
  • Value 80% 80%
Many listening options/sources Plenty of listening options/sources
Best sound in IP radio Great for multi-room listening
Explaining radios working over the internet Google home integration
How to Listen to Internet Radio top rated compact internet radio receiver Expansive stereo sound
transmits streaming audio over the internet LCD can be turned off
Best portable speakers under 100 reviews benefits, pros, cons and recommendations Not a touchscreen LCD
Best portable speakers under 100 reviews benefits, pros, cons and recommendations Clunky controls

8. Best Simple Internet Radio – CC WiFi Internet Radio

If you’re looking for quality and simplicity in your internet radio, the C Crane WiFi Internet Radio is worth having a look at.

This compact device packs a significant punch of value, giving you access to over 16,000 stations like BBC, NPR, CBS, ESPN, FOX News and many more.

All the internet stations come with a direct connection, hence no subscription is required. All you need is a WiFi connection and you’re good to go.

CC WiFi Internet Radio is the best small internet radio around. It is simple, but punches well above its weight in terms of sound and features.

CC WiFi Internet Radio is also compatible with audio streaming devices like Pandora and iHeartMedia, giving you access to almost any podcast there is.

For the ones who require more internet radio stations, the device offers a World Listening package, giving you access to 12,000 more international stations from all over the globe.

The unit comes with some basic built-in features, like an alarm clock, sleep timer, and a headphone jack. It also has an impressive 99 memory presets, letting you find and save a massive catalog for your listening pleasure.

The sound quality is acceptable given the tiny internet radio size. It has a 2.5″ full-range speaker which is loud enough for kitchen or bedroom use. If you need it for your lounge or looking for a reasonably powerful sound, there are better options (e.g., Grace Digital Encore+ or Como Audio: Musica) in our review.

The internet radio is light and compact, only weighing around 2 pounds, which makes it super easy to travel with and pack in bags. In fact, C Crane WiFi Internet Radio is the smallest radio in our review, so if portability is the factor at the top of your list, you may want to have a good look into it.

Bottom Line

Small, but capable CC WiFi Internet Radio is a high-quality internet radio that features plain looks and compact size. It comes with 99 station presets, decent sound quality and access to thousands of stations around the world. If you travel a lot, like simplicity or are just short on space, the CC WiFi Internet Radio is amongst the best WiFi radio options out there.


  • Sound Quality 60% 60%
  • Features 70% 70%
  • Ports / Connections 70% 70%
  • Value 80% 80%
best internet clock radio Lightweigh, small size
Best small online radio Easy set-up
Simple and plain radio that is very robust Access to thousands of radio channel
all types of online radios Clunky menus, navigation

9. Best Style – Auna Connect 150 BK

Auna Connect 150 BK is a stylish and capable WiFi internet radio that packs access to over 10,000 stations and some of the latest tech in a slim and compact body.

The design represents a blend of modern and retro design, which fits surprisingly well most interiors.

The body is made of wood which is both aesthetically pleasing and improves the sound quality. It comes in black and walnut colors, and both look equally great.

Connect 150 BK is our personal pick and the overall best wifi internet radio we have tested. Not perfect, but a very good looking wi-fi music player with full of features such as Spotify Connect.

The radio features a 2.5-inch high-quality color TFT display that is hidden behind the front panel, adding to its already sleek look. The menu on the color display is neat, clearly laid out, and makes navigation a breeze.

Connect 150 BK offers many streaming and connectivity options. It supports both WiFi connectivity and has a built-in LAN port in case you need an Ethernet connection. Also, the radio features an AUX and USB ports allowing to stream music files from external music sources such a mobile phones and hard drives.

Conversely, listening options are limited as the radio does not support Bluetooth connectivity. At the same time, it comes with the UNDOK mobile app that allows you to control multi-room setup on your phone, and stream any media from your phone to the device. The only downside is that both your radio and your phone need to be on the same local network.

The stereo sound performance is delivered by its two 2.5″ broadband speakers and a 3″ built-in sub-woofer. The audio quality is clear, and the sound can get relatively loud and powerful, with perhaps vocals being a little subdued.

This digital internet radio is packed with smart tech that would fit your smart home well if you are into it. It offers wireless support and a newly designed tuner and RDS feed function, which can be programmed to give you news right on your device.

Bottom Line

Connect 150 BK is a fresh and stylish look at what the modern internet radio receiver should look like. It features a Spotify Connect integration as well as internet, AM and FM radio in a small but a capable box. The sound it delivers is also surprisingly clear and comes with good tonal balance and separation. Overall, a very capable package that sounds good and looks stunning that deserves a place amongst the best WiFi radios for smaller rooms and anyone who likes the latest gadget trends.


  • Sound Quality 80% 80%
  • Features 80% 80%
  • Ports / Connections 80% 80%
  • Value 70% 70%
Buying guide and recommendations for e-radios Integrated sound for your smart home
also known as net radio Big screen and RDS feed
mobile phone integration for streaming music Good smartphone integration
talk radio for hip hop Classy design
fm receiver built in FM receiver
Not Bluetooth or Chromecast compatible
Setting preset favorites is annoying

10. Smartest Internet Radio – Lemega M2P

For those who are looking for a unique approach to internet radios, products from Lemega should not be overlooked.

LEMEGA M2P features a hand-crafted real-wood body that is made of recycled furniture.

It is a digital internet radio with retro looks, but packs plenty of the latest features and technology.

It provides access to over 30,000 internet stations from all over the world out of the box.

If you are looking for the best digital internet radio made of recycled furniture cabinets, look no further, Lemega M2+ is here, a truly unique internet radio!

You can pick stations by location or even stream podcasts and audiobooks to the device.

This device is super easy to set up and once you have it connected to your WiFi, you’ll be able to control the device by downloading the UNDOK smartphone app.

LEMEGA M2P offers 20 presets, letting you lock in your favorite stations quickly and easily. Besides, it allows you to add one-touch access to play your favorite audio products using a single button.

Despite sharing the same software with Connect 150 BK from Auna, LEMEGA M2P features Bluetooth connectivity for smooth audio streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

The internet radio sounds excellent for its size and comes with lots of EQ options in the box. Alternatively, you can also custom-tune the sound to your exact liking as treble, bass and loudness can be adjusted irrespective of the sound preset.

Just like Connect 150 BK, this digital internet radio lacks the station search function and delivers a clunky and somewhat complicated experience. Yes, you need to do it only once, but it is not a pleasant process nevertheless.

On the downside, despite the reasonable sound quality, it is driven by a single 3″ full-range speaker. As a result, all music is reproduced in mono mode.

Bottom Line

The LEMEGA M2P has a gorgeous wooden exterior that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It comes with multiple EQ presets and can stream music files from DLNA servers, USB or Bluetooth enabled devices. The mobile app looks and works great allowing you to stream audiobooks, podcasts and any other audio product you can pull up on your smartphone – all in all, one of the best smart WiFi radios out there.


  • Sound Quality 70% 70%
  • Ports / Connections 90% 90%
  • Features 80% 80%
  • Value 70% 70%
old school wooden looks Gorgeous wooden exterior
Best streaming radio in our review UNDOK smartphone app control
Works over web, mobile and WiFi Bluetooth streaming
no radio tuning into online stations Built-in rechargeable battery to carry around
privacy policy A bit expensive


Now that you have finished reading tons of reviews and buying guides on the best internet radios out there, which one do you pick? Keep in mind that each radio in our top 10 has very different features, so it is important to know which matters to you the most before making a product decision.

Amongst the most important ones are streaming apps, integration capabilities, stations list, and classic features like an alarm clocks. In addition, when you’re making a decision, it could come down to little things like outer aesthetics, apps, and audio quality.

Lastly, if you believe you need a bit more sound power, for the radios with AUX-out connection, you can always use the top-of-the-line soundbars, so make sure to check our best soundbar review for more details.

Overall, we hope you found our best internet radio buying guide helpful on your journey of picking up the perfect Wi-Fi radio for you. Remember to always read radio reviews, customer feedback and ideally try the product out yourself at retailing shops before making a decision. This way, you will minimize your chances of being unhappy with your Wi-Fi music player or radio purchase and having to return it.

What is internet radio and how does it work?

The changes the radio industry has gone through since the clock radio are fundamental. We have moved from AM to FM, then Satellite, DAB radios, and now radios working over the Internet. But what is that exactly, you might ask?

To put it simply, internet radio is just like regular radio except that it uses Wi-Fi (with internet) instead of radio waves to transmit sound. It is also known as net radio, web radio, e-radio, streaming radio, online radio, and even IP radio.

It is also important to note that Internet radios are often confused with Satellite radio or DAB radios. and they are not the same thing. DAB radio still uses waves (not internet) to source the radio signal, the only difference compared to traditional AM/FM local radio is that those waves are digital. Satellite radio, again, does not require internet and sources audio stream via satellite connectivity.

Best internet radio Buying Guide – What You Need To Know?

There are a few factors you’ll want to consider when picking the best internet radio for you. As with most things – you need to be clear on what you want to get out of your purchase. Are you planning to use it every day? Will you be streaming music, use your own music files from the music library or is the online music the way to go? Perhaps you prefer to have it the old school way standing on its own or alternatively integrate the radio and a Wi-Fi player into your smart home?

The first thing to check is your WiFi connection as it has to be good enough for online music and audio streaming capabilities. Some connections aren’t strong enough for quality music streaming, especially if you’re using other devices like smartphones, tablets, or video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Video.

Also, consider buying a subscription service like Sirius to pair with your internet radio station. Sirius has devices explicitly made for streaming its channels.

Make sure that the internet radio you are getting is right for you. You want to consider features, cost, and what internet channels and stations you’ll have access to every day. Get features you are going to use, not the ones that the radio has. If you are finding it hard getting up in the morning, consider a radio with alarm clock settings or specialized alarm clocks for deep sleepers as an alternative.

What’s the best free internet radio app?

With how advanced technology is now, most internet radio devices come equipped with some of the biggest audio streaming apps around.


AccuRadio is a free app, giving you up to 1,000 channel options to tune in to.

You can customize each channel to suit your listening needs, offers unlimited skips and a rating system. You can even ban artists or particular songs from the channel, meaning you’ll never hear their work there again.

Aside from some occasional server issues, this is a pretty steady app for quick and easy listening.

Google Play Music

A new digital music streaming service from one of the world’s biggest companies, Google, gives you access to a massive, curated list of playlists from every genre.

They offer a free version, but for a $9.99 per month fee, you’ll get additional features and new music streaming capabilities.

Radio Online

If you’re looking for an app that closely resembles the old fashion radio, Radio Online is the way to go.

It offers access to hundreds of radio stations, both online and traditional FM, available for free streaming.

If you pay the $4.99 per year subscription fee, you’ll get features like being able to record live radio, a sleep timer and being able to change equalizer settings.

Anyone looking for something simple and easy for your internet radio device, Radio Online is a great choice.


Spotify is one of the leaders in the audio streaming space.

The service gives you access to tons of curated genre, mood or artist-specific playlists.

You’ll also be able to check in on lists like “Worldwide Top 50” and underground playlists to check out artists and songs you might not have heard yet.

You can use the free version for most of the features you’d need for your internet radio device, but the $9.99 or $14.99 per month fee will remove ads and give you some additional features.

Spotify is one of the world’s most-used audio streaming apps for a good reason. It’s a simple, easy audio solution. If your radio has Spotify Connect integration, you can use and stream radio from your Android or iOS device.

XiliaLive Internet Radio

This is one of the lesser-known radio apps on this list.

It gives you access to over 50,000 live radio stations, more than enough for most people.

The app has organizational features that let you pick and save your favorite every day stations, incorporate themes and data management features.

There are also features that let you play with the audio settings like station URL links, Bluetooth options and equalizer settings.

While this app has both paid and free versions, the free version has everything you’d need for internet radio use.

TuneIn Radio

This app is a fantastic option for sports fans or anyone looking for some great audio content from all over the world.

The free version gives you over 100,000 radio stations and a massive library of over a million podcasts for you to check out.

The premium version, for only $9.99 per month, gives you access to live game audio from the NFL, MLB and Barclays Premier League games, a prime selection of audiobooks and removes ads.

The price ranges a bit depending on where you live, but if you’re most interested in sports than music, this is a great option.


The app from one of the giants in the audio media space, the IHeartRadio app offers you a massive amount of FM stations, podcasts and curated playlists for you to listen to.

You’ll be able to find playlists in almost any genre or mood, along with holiday-themed playlists.

The standard app is free to use, although you’ll get a slightly better and ad-free version if you pay the $5.99 per month membership fee.

You can also buy into the All Access version for $12.99 per month, giving you more features and even on-demand song playing capabilities.

The IHeartRadio app is one of the leaders in the audio space, a solid option for most.

Pandora Music

Another massive factor in the audio streaming world, Pandora might be one of the most popular services around.

Instead of offering users curated playlists, they let users make their own playlists and stream the music they like from the artists they like.

They do offer pre-created playlists for anyone looking for a quick and straightforward listening.

You can get a premium subscription that removes the ads for $4.99 per month and you can buy into Pandora Premium for $9.99 per month.

Pandora is one of the most familiar and commonly used music streaming and curation apps, so if you’re looking for a simple and accessible app that works with most internet radio devices, it’s a good choice.


When it comes to streaming internet radio, Sirius might be the most recognizable name in the genre.

The service has its own online radio devices and apps that work with nearly any streaming device.

The service gives you access to over 150 premium sports, music, and talk show channels, like Howard Stern’s show.

You can buy into three different subscription models between $10.99 and $19.99 per month, based on the type of content you’re looking for.

While the app is a little buggy at the moment, it’s been getting better and more stable as the company pours more resources into it.

Aside from the mobile app issues, there are not many audio streaming services more stable and mainstream than SiriusXM radio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AM vs. FM vs. HD vs. DAB?

AM, FM, and DAB are methods of broadcasting radio.

  • AM stand for Amplitude Modulation and was the first way the radio signals were transmitted. It received global adoption in the 1920s and is still used actively in the present time.
  • FM on the other side is a later modulation method that stands for Frequency Modulation and represents a superior capability to carry better quality audio than an AM wave. It is the most widely used radio modulation method hosting almost all music-focused stations in the world.
  • DAB is the latest development in radio broadcasting and stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting. Although the first DAB radio stations were opened in the 90s, the real uptake of the technology is happening as we speak with the latest standard DAB+ being current now.

HD radio, on the other hand, is not a broadcasting standard but a technology that allows transmitting data and audio content using a digital signal in parallel with analog AM and FM modulations. It allows the broadcast of the same program in all broadcasting standards at the same time.


DLNA and UPnP are a set of guidelines that define the home interoperability. Both protocols permit devices sitting on the same WiFi network to discover each other. The interconnected devices and your music library can share data or trigger services on other devices. In fact, DLNA is derived from UPnP, as a way to normalize media interoperability.

How does Google Chromecast help with streaming more radio stations?

Google Chromecast allows android based applications downloaded from the Google store to be installed on the compatible device.

It is a big feature as supporting Google Chromecast opens up the door to an immense world of options and does not require product manufacturers to build individual service integrations with third-party systems.

In the context of internet radios, having Google Chromecast would allow Pandora, iHeart, SiriusXM and many other radio streaming service applications to be installed hassle free.

What is the difference between Internet Radio and WiFi Radio?

Whether you are looking for the best WiFi radio or a more common ‘internet radio’, you are looking for the same thing. Both of those terms are interchangeable, yet ‘internet radio’ is more common than ‘WiFi radio’.

How To Start An Internet Radio Station?

If you are passionate about starting an online radio station but don’t know what needs to be done, there are some easy steps you can start with. The first thing to get is the right equipment. The second thing to worry about is the playout software. Lastly, you need to get connected and you are ready to start your first broadcast!